It really is as simple as getting your life in order, and Giving More Love...

How fast are you bettering yourself and fulfilling your purpose... today?

I'm turning within and fulfilling my destiny. Would you like to join me?

Your fulfillment comes from Giving More Love. You're getting mine right here, as well as all our support, in our private community... in fact we're inviting you to go on a Giving Spree as you're doing more of what gives you your greatest joy...!

This is your invitation to return to what truly matters. I'm giving my best to bettering myself and inviting you to join me, if you want.

I was a journalist for 10 years and wrote "Reignited America". Since 1998 I've coached thousands of people to improve their focus and use their power more consciously, most recently through Global Freedom Day.

As I see it, we *HAD* allowed ourselves to become too divided, disconnected, and honestly in "fight or flight" - in fact would you say most people now live in that emergency response that's meant to get us out of immediate danger?

Let's get back in control of our lives, coming from love, not fear. Join us if you feel inspired. Thanks.

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