May I get your help on this? Your opinion really matters!

Hi Friends,

I’ve had such a good feeling from working with everyone who commented on my last blog post, about “The First Covenant” that I wanted to do something substantial.

Both for about 13 people mis-applying their power by focusing their attention on what they don’t want, and making that bigger, stronger and worse.

And for the Personal Growth Foundation, which I’m passionate about supporting because its mission is going to be important to thousands of people.

So I’ve created “The First Covenant 30-Day Immersion” and I feel really good that it’s set up to give those 13 people the shift they need to begin experiencing the great life they Desire.

What I want your help with is this:

I have two marketing consultants I work with to get my message of self-empowerment out to the most people in the most effective way.

They’re both good guys, with big hearts, and they genuinely want to help people. They’re both also heavily into Personal Growth, just as you and I are.

However, they’re both marketing guys first.

The conflict for me is that I put my material out there, from the heart, to be of service to people, not to sell those not ready or uninterested.

For me it’s about attracting the right people, not trying to convince anyone to buy what I’m offering, just letting people know about it and working with those who know it’s what they need or want.

I like being true to that, regardless of whether it’s marketing savvy, whether I use power words and effective copywriting. My inclination is to go against the conventional wisdom and do things my own way, because my work transcends “what a good marketer should do” – it’s about being authentic, truly caring, and being of service…. at least that’s what feels good to me.

However the marketing consultants would say “that’s all well and good, I know you want to make a difference to the most people. Yet how can you do that if you don’t capture their attention and get them to notice your stuff?”

In other words, if I just speak from the heart, they would argue that you would read the headline, make a half-second judgment about whether it would be worth your time to read further, and so I need to be more “salesy” and do the best I can to write a benefit-laden headline that grabs you and keeps you compelled to know more.

You see my dilemma?

Please help me out by giving me your feedback.

You’re the one I serve. You’re the one whose opinion matters.

What do you think?

Please go to this page and see what I wrote, and then let me know by commenting here on whether you think I should re-do the page so it’s presented in a way that the consultants would approve, or does it speak to you with “me being me”?

It’s important for me to know, because I can see it from both ways.

Ultimately it is about doing what will best serve you, because that’s what fulfills my life purpose, my dharma.

Thanks much,

P.S. This issue also came up with “How To Be A Goal-Achieving Madman”. For that page the other marketing consultant said there’s too much to read, it’s not simply presented or quick enough to go through.

I wanted to go overboard in giving people a great value for a small price, and give them full details about what they’re getting.

He said people want “bam, bam, bam”, just “this is what I’m getting, this is how much it costs, this is what it’ll do for me and this is how I get it”.

They don’t want to read a lot to get that information.

I didn’t change that page, yet, because I thought I did present it attractively in a way that gives people what they need to know, fast, to get it if they think they’ll benefit from it.

What do you think about that page, too?

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Coaching on “The First Covenant”: How well are you using your power wisely?

"The First Covenant" is how you can manifest your every Desire. Begin using it right now!
"The First Covenant" is how you can manifest your every Desire. Begin using it right now!

Hello My Friend,

Someone participating in my “Your First Million Online” program has been falling behind in the daily assignments and not following through on her commitments.

She just posted a question in our private forum, which I’m able to share with you, because I think you would get a lot out of my response to her:

“I have created some amazing income opportunities over the last few weeks using some of your suggestions. I have one new client in particular who has been sending me regular work and looks like he will continue to do that for the foreseeable future! Holding my intentions to create this income also gave me the confidence to ask for the hourly rate I desired! So, here is my question – do you have any suggestions for a method that will allow me to shift my focus back to my desire and intention that I am creating a successful internet marketing business during times when life events try to pull me away from it?

That’s a question I’m sure you can sometimes relate to.

Am I right?

How would you respond to her? (Post your answer to that question in a comment, before you read any more. It will be more enlightening to you if you respond first, then read what I say, before you then share the insights that come up for you after you read my answer to her question.)

This is how I responded (with minor editing for greater clarity), in our private Mastermind forum:


Thank you for sharing your successes from applying the First Covenant.

Your question, the answer sounds simple, yet it will require discipline and being more conscious.

How can you go back to your main focus when events from life take you out of it?

The answer is to put your “goal” everywhere, so it’s always in your awareness.

For example on your refrigerator, in your pocket, or on your key chain or near your wallet/purse (money). On your bathroom mirror, by your computer. So wherever you are, there it is.

When you immerse yourself in that focus, that becomes what you’re thinking about – empowered with strong feelings – and of course that means that’s all you’ll then create and experience more of.

It does take discipline to consciously direct your focus, and to keep it trained on what’s most important to you, such as your Sacred Decision & Commitment.

Another aspect of this is to rephrase the question.

Not how do you get your focus back when life interferes…. but “Why would I allow outside influences from taking me out of the focus I need to have?”

Because it is always you’re choice.

You have the power to not shift out of that focal point, and to keep empowering what you Desire, no matter what.

When something unwanted happens, you could choose to step back and say…

“Hmm, it seems I was careless in how I’m using my power, at some point, and unconsciously manifested something I don’t want. That means I’m going to resolve to do better from now on and and keep my power firmly on my dominant Desire… making sure that’s my Burning Obsession… and ALL I’m giving my power to and creating more of!”

Use the unwanted thing as leverage to hold your focus, use your power, more wisely, and consciously.

Within the moment.

I trust this answer reminds you of the power you have, and that you can choose to use it wisely, to have more of what you Desire.



The First Covenant” web page coaching you on living this primal truth about how “life” works, so I suggest you look at that if you haven’t seen it.

Then think about how “The First Covenant” has applied – to everything – in your life.

Share your thoughts, insights and observations in the Comments section.

Then answer this question, also in the Comments?

“How well have you been using your power to manifest the things you most Desire?”

What do you need to be doing differently if you – previously – had been carelessly, foolishly or unconsciously using your power, through your focus, to create more of what you don’t want, instead of keeping it firmly and unwaveringly on that which you do want.

….Knowing you’ve made the Decision that will be yours, and from that moment, it’s a done deal!?

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!


Dan Klatt,
“Think And Grow Rich Guy”
Host of the “Daily Personal Growth” TV show
President of the Personal Growth Authors Association
Found of the CarnegieCentre

….Serving as Your WealthSensei!

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