Together we're making the changes required of us all, now...

We HAD lost our way. We've been neglecting ourselves, our families, each other and the planet. Then COVID-19 ended that, and "normal". Now it's up to every one of us to make the changes required of ALL of us. We're here to support each other in bettering our lives, and our planet... PROMISE!?

The "Promise to the Planet" Workshop promises to be one of the most important things you've ever done - It's how you've transformed your life... and through that, our planet.

Briefly: Humanity has lost its way. We've been living out of harmony, at great cost. COVID-19 was the response from the environment... meant to wake us up. We missed that message, and therefore "the volume" or intensity of that message - which we EACH need to hear - had to increase. Then we had the violence, riots, deaths, mayhem. And we still missed that message. We have no choice but to take this to heart, heed the warning, and make the changes required of us. The "Promise to the Planet" is how we're doing that. It needs to be our global focus. And so it shall be.

(It's also how YOU are transforming the world!!!)

We're doing this through daily lessons, community, and transforming our lives, our families, Humanity... and Planet Earth.

Which of these lessons are most important for you to do?

  • Lesson 1: "Standing Within the Certainty of How Much You Matter" (Promise to the Planet Foundation)

    Promise to the Planet, Preface – Here we’re finding the certainty about how much we matter, and we’re seeing how that certainty starts flowing the well of unlimited confidence and knowing, that we have within us everything we need to achieve our purpose, fulfill our potential and have the impact with our lives we’re meant to… and need to… have. From this unwavering certainty… now we’re ready to begin honoring our Promise to the Planet! (This is MUST-DO!) 18:50
  • Lesson 2: "Promise to the Planet Precept #1

    “I promise to be mindful of everything I’m consuming.” Just that part of what your Promise to the Planet requires you to be aware of not just the foods and drinks you would be taking into your body, also the air you would be breathing, which requires us to clean the planet, so the air supports us and nourishes us. Because we’re all connected. We’re also seeing how our four bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, reflect out through our interconnectedness to us as the individual, our family, our community, and the planet. We’re making our Promises to each of these “bodies”. 33:08
  • Lesson 3: "The Consequences of Every Action We're Taking - Not Just on Ourselves!"

    We’re appreciating first how the positive actions we take raise the Consciousness of Humanity, because every action has consequences, and we’re acting appropriately, now, with every action. In fact, just as broadcasters used to have a three-second delay to prevent unconscious swearing to go out on the airwaves, we’re inserting a three-second pause before we take any action, to make sure that action would Honor … us, and the planet! Then we’re also seeing how the harm we would have done, and had been doing, to ourselves, is also harming the Collective Consciousness, and we’re acting responsibly, to ourselves, which is also to say to the planet. 23:25
  • Lesson 4: "Your Compass That's ALWAYS Pointing You North"

    To reach your Destin-ation, you need to know where you’re going, your goal, how to get there, your map, and which direction you’re going, your compass. Today we’re defining our compass, the immutable values at the heart of whom we are! 28:38
  • Lesson 5: "My Power Is Sacred"

    Every action we take has consequences. Here we’re appreciating how important our focus is, because that’s what we’re giving our power. Anything “out there” is an inappropriate use of your power, because it’s too sacred, and needs to be squarely fixated on your Goals, Desires and Dreams. In fact, we’re doing a 48-hour EXPERIENCE where you’re giving NONE of your power to anything other than your Goals, Desires and Dreams… KNOWING that with that being 100% of your focus, that’s become 100% of your life experiences. Everything happening serves you in LIVING your Goals, Desires and Dreams! 33:09

If you're getting the sense this lesson by itself is worth far more than your investment in the full program... That's well worth giving your Sacred Power...!!!


  • Lesson 6: Embracing the Changes “Life” Is Requiring You to Make

    Today I'm acknowledging the area I didn't "completely", where I admit I became emotionally upset… then we look deeper at your life, where you HAD neglected the work important for you to do, to make the changes you’re required to make… unless you want the intensity of the situations meant to get your attention about the need to make those changes --- to dramatically increase. In other words, the sooner you address those issues, the less painful those life lessons will be!! This is obviously a very important lesson to contemplate honestly… and completely. Especially as part of your Promise to Yourself, as well as how integrated those promises are, for your Family, Community and Planet… 26:14
  • Lesson 7: "Going Deeper Within Our First Stand-Within Power Precept"

    Our first Precept, “I am mindful of what I consume” – that also requires us to be mindful of what outside influences are putting into the environment, and making sure those things serve you, and others … or taking the steps required to change that. For example the 5G networks. If you’re in a 5G network and it’s exposing you to harmful radiation, known to cause cancer and it was used as a weapon in previous wars, how would that ever be appropriate for you to willfully “consume” that? It would be dishonorable to stand by idly and let that violation of your rights to be safe, and the government’s constitutional duty to protect you from enemies, within the country and at its borders. What other aspects of this deeper way of applying this Precept can we no longer tolerate “consuming”? For example the choice of “would you like your produce with or without chemicals?” in the grocery store!? Or city water systems adding chemicals to your drinking water? And is it possible to love yourself, and remain in Integrity, to allow these atrocities to harm even one person, anywhere in the world … or does being a responsible Human require you to not only end these completely inappropriate monstrosities AND hold the people who forced them upon the world – accountable for their crimes!? 16:45
  • Lesson 8: "Doing What's Right... Even When It's Tough"

    We’re going deep as we’re considering Promise to the Planet Power Precept #3. We’re seeing how few people come from Integrity … or DID, before you began leading your own Stand Within Your Power Group and helped everyone you can reach lead THEIR SWYP Groups, and we all committed totally to changing!!! Because if you do less than what you know you need to do, that’s incongruent, and would hurt your self-esteem and belief in yourself. However, because you love yourself, you make the right choice, without exception. That reinforces your inner-knowing about the quality of the person you are, and the world responds accordingly. You’re also fully appreciating how each action you’re taking becomes another master brush-stroke in the masterpiece painting your life has now become, because you’re “so living your life” that the song within your heart has been sung, and you’ve done everything you were here to do, with no regrets… you’ve lived fully and completely!!! 32:55

This lesson, also, is well worth by itself the full tuition for the whole Promise to the Planet Workshop.

We still have a lot more great stuff through which we're learning and growing and bettering ... ourselves, our families, each other ... and the planet!

  • Lesson 9: "Where Do You Fall on the Spectrum Between Love - And Fear?"

    We first talk about the fear quotient and the love quotient and how you are either on one or the other at the expense of the other... and how if you are focused on love you are not in fear. And we challenge you to just focus on love... to abide as love for the next two full days. And to really experience how the outside world is a reflection of your focus Within. To be more loving and when you are 100% love, which is also true to your nature and all that there really is, then everything in the outer world supports that and is a reflection of that. We also see how at the deeper level, “The Great Introspection” is about taking back our power – 100%. And we’re Being Love, 100%, over the next two days, and noting the difference that has on us! 31:50
  • Lesson 10: "Stand Within Power Precept #4"

    This lesson is extremely important, because it shows you how you must honor your nature, how you’re wired, to fulfill your inherent role, honorably, because that mighty sequoia tree seed within you needs to express itself fully, through your life experiences. That’s how the universe is expanding… through you! This lesson gives you the core theme of the “$1 Million Greatness Manifesto Coaching Program”, which is to my knowledge the most-expensive coaching program on the planet. And it’s well worth it! 33:10
  • Lesson 11: "As Important as It Is... How Do You Really Love Yourself?"

    The question is a little misguided, yet provides a starting point for what becomes a deep contemplation, exploration and discovery of the truth of whom you are at your essence, your core. You’re going to be embodying a much higher level of radiance, consciousness, confidence… and MAGNIFICENCE … as a result of taking this lesson to heart!!! 15:33
  • Lesson 12: "Aligning With Where Humans Are Evolving"

    What is the end result of us all valuing intelligent growth and progress? This is important work, because we’re extending Darwin’s work in evolution to where we are today, and how we’re evolving now. We’re becoming more conscious, and ultimately it is love that’s our compass, indicating how we’re growing… loving ourselves more, transcending beyond the illusion of separation… 33:08

We've added additional lessons to the Promise to the Planet Workshop that I haven't added here yet.

The full program is worth $2,000, although it really is the best thing you've ever done, when you do it - and honor it. It's THE PROFOUND LIFE SHIFT you've needed, probably most of your life!!!

The question is how do you want to do it? Click the button on your left if you want to do just the Promise to the Planet Workshop, where you're working through it at your own pace. 

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Promise to the Planet Workshop

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Whichever option you're choosing, you're doing important work that's SO NEEDED NOW
- For yourself... for your loved ones... in your community... in the world - AND FOR THE WORLD - THANK YOU!!!

"Stand Within"...
With Us ALL!

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