By giving our power away, we became week - For our survival, Stand Up, Stand Strong and Lead Us back!!!

COVID-19 woke us to this Evolutionary Leap in Human Consciousness now REQUIRED of every one of us

As a coach since 1999, I learned long ago someone has to hit rock bottom before they're willing to change. Humanity has now hit rock bottom!

The virus was a necessary response to how much we've lost our way. We have no choice, now - EVERY ONE OF US - but to get our act together and transform ourselves... our families... society... and our planet...

Because we've neglected - especially ourselves, our bodies, our health, our children, our romantic partners, we've allowed ourselves to become stressed-out, overwhelmed, out-of-balance... with ourselves, and nature... We can no longer continue that path... without losing everything - and destroying ourselves!

Hi. i'm Dan Klatt, author of the "Saving Humanity" book.

Almost everyone's been suffering.

Chaotic, frightful, insecure, unknowing - How would you describe the world today? What about your life!?

Is it still called "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" when it's still present in your day to day existence? The source of the stress is still very much alive in our lives... it's not "post" anything!!!

You've heard of "Fight or Flight Syndrome", right?

That's our body's ability to divert energy used to maintain and grow to give you the extra energy you need, either to run to escape IMMEDIATE DANGER ... or to combat that direct threat to your life.

It's definitely taxing on the body to be in Fight or Flight - anytime - much less for more than a few minutes.

Except how many people these days have been stuck there... for months?

They're anxious, stressed, tense. They're constricted and in pain.

They're so tightly wound, any litttle thing could cause them to crash...

That's obviously not healthy.

And yet, when you think about it, that's really what's become "the new normal"!

My book "Saving Humanity" turns your world right side up. Join us for this 5-Day Intensive. We need this!

Do NOT buy into the mass fear hysteria or "the narrative" that 'this is our lives now'!!!

We have two dynamics playing out here, both at a deep level - both of which are EXTREMELY important to recognize - yet very few people are talking about. Or I might be the only one... and very soon you'll be joining me... and through that, the whole world will get on board, and TRANSFORM right along with us...

Think about this... Have you 'gradually' given most of your power "out here", such as to...

  • Your fears, about the virus,
  • Protecting your family,
  • Worrying about the violence and unrest,
  • Whether you'll be able to get food and water,
  • How you're going to make the money you need to survive...
  • Social distancing,
  • Mask or no mask,
  • Your children's educations,
  • The economy collapsing,
  • Racism,
  • Politics ...
  • And about 350 other pressing "fires" we need to quickly resolve...

IF they can be resolved at all?

For sure all those things are important.

They're realistic concerns. 

Also, if you've done extensive work on bettering yourself for any length of time, you've most likely seen that famous Einstein quote that reminds us we need to raise ourselves to a much higher level of consciousness to create something better than we've already been creating... which is also the place from which almost everyone HAD been living!!!

Let me ask you this question, which is fundamentally important to us ALL getting out of this mess in which we're finding ourselves, now, where most people have been stuck for several months now, with no light at the end of the tunnel, and only mounting frustration...

How are you Standing Within Your Power, staying centered and NOT making knee-jerk rash decisions from fear?

Most people these days are reacting, from fear. They're not responding. Certainly not from their critical thinking capacity (which many would say has been disregarded in schools, dumbed out of us with the advent of 'smart' devices, and numbed through the marijuana agenda that inhibits development of the forebrain, where we move past information assimilation!)

Also certainly not from our Vision, our purpose, or our Goals, Desires and Dreams.


Where you're CHOOSING to give your atteniton is where you're giving your power.

When you're upset about the latest doom and gloom mass-fear hysteria... guess where you're rooted... and what you're giving even more of your power?

EXACTLY... You're focused "out there" ... and giving your power to precisely what you do NOT want.

How many people do you know who are doing that virtually every day?

How many people have set up permanent residence in that place of COMPLETE DISEMPOWERMENT!?

(You're not one of those people... Are you!?)

You know how bad that feels...

You know how unsettling that is, how out-of-harmony, off-balance, painful... how MISERABLE!!!

Even though that describes most people, now, it's the OPPOSITE of how we're all meant to live.

Because we have ALL the POWER!!!


Your power is sacred.

It's also required for you to live the life of your Goals, Desires and Dreams, for your happiness, meaning, well-being, peace of mind, prosperity, enjoyment of each moment, fulfillment...

This is the time where it's PARAMOUNT to first take ALL your power back...

And then guard and protect it, COMPLETELY tuning out any and all SABOTEURS of your sacred power, such as the media, politicians, mass fear hysteria, unrest, upheavel...

Give NONE of that even one iota of your power - TUNE IT OUT completely!!!

I'll walk you through taking your power back, when you're joining us for the Saving Humanity Intensive below on this page.

The next step is making the changes required by every one of us... NOW!

Here's the thing...

We've been neglecting...

  • Ourselves, first and foremost!
  • Our families, the people who mean the most to us - and often feel the least important, in our "distracted" lives!
  • Each other, our neighbors, communities, schools... and the whole human race!
  • And the Earth, the only home we have!

For FAR too long!

We've become weak. Unfocused. Undisciplined. Scattered. Disconnected. Shut off. Distant. Remote. Stuck in scarcity/fear/lack consciousness and programming. Unhealthy. 

We stopped believing in ourselves. And in our future. And the American Dream, the PROMISE we can create any level of success we desire. And in the abundance of opportunity all around us.

We think we don't deserve to be happy, or successful. That we're "not enough". That we don't deserve love. That we're undeserving of the things we want. 

So we play small. Give up hope. Fill that emptiness inside with addictions, distractions and NOISE.

We've lost our way as the human race.

It's now time for us all to roll up our sleeves and do the work we've been neglecting

And get our lives in order - FINALLY!

Yes, every one of us!!!

We no longer have a choice. This is now REQUIRED!!

 Well, we all know how messed up our lives have become.

Except most people have blamed that on the pandemic, and are waiting for something outside themselves to fix that.

That's, again, giving their power away.

It's almost as misguided as saying, "I stink. Take a shower for me!"

No one other than ourselves - you, me, us all, individually - can do the work for us. 

The government has its own problems and can't make these required changes. It's not our parent. And nor is it its job, nor is it our parent's responsibility, either.

This is something required of every one of us... to do this work on our own!

Yes, we're doing it together!!

Yes, we're supporting each other in doing this work!

And, yet, we have to focus on it, and really authentically make these changes that "life" is now demanding we make.

Do you get that!?

I'm walking us all through that, in the last four modules of our Saving Humanity Intensive. 

In Module I we're taking our power back. And keeping it within us, where we need it to fulfill our potential, achieve our life purpose and make as much of a difference as we can to as many people as we can.

That's how we're LIVING our Goals, Desires and Dreams.

Yes, absolutely... during this pandemic - ESPECIALLY now, when we need this focus and commitment... and to BE that INSPIRATION and EXAMPLE... the world needs us being!!!

Then we're making the changes required of us in each of the four areas of our lives.

Do you remember... or have you heard about... the "Contract With America"?

During the early 1990s, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican, drafted more than a dozen points important to people to support, regardless of their political beliefs. He contacted President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, and they worked together and did great things together ... FOR THE COUNTRY... AND FOR US ALL!!!

That's how it's supposed to work - Now it's up to us to do this ourselves!!!

Why does that seem so extraordinary... Republicans and Democrats working togehter? For the betterment of us all!?

Because that was back when the people we HIRE to come from Integrity, act Honorably, uphold the Constitution, and act selflessly for the betterment of HUMANITY ... not to throw stones and attack the character of the other side... when that meant something. And when WE held them accountable!!!

Think about that...

We're ALL on the same side. Wrong is wrong, no matter how they dress it up or try justifying it. 

Right is right. It doesn't mean it's easy. Or politically expedient.

It's still what we must do.

And DEMAND that of those people we hired to remain true to the highest standards of morals, ethics and Integrity.

Anyway, the politicians need to do this work "at least as much as" (more than!) the rest of us.

Like I said, this work is now required of us all!

We're doing it together. We're reaching out to everyone with whom we're connected.

We're holding nothing back. We're HONORING these changes we're all now required to make.

And we're doing it through the "Promise to the Planet" work I'm walking us through.

This evolves from the Contract With America innovation. We're doing these four modules, defining the changes we need to be making in each area we HAD neglected...

  • YOU: Eating well, getting enough sleep, taking care of your health, your energy, believing in yourself again, LOVING YOURSELF... knowing you're worthy and deserving of all those things you desire ... You ARE enough!!!
  • YOUR FAMILY: Making the time to be present with your children, at the end of a long day, when you're tired or exhausted. THEY MATTER. You matter. Your Quality TIme with the people you love matters! Your romantic partner matters. Making time for love. And to be the role model your children and family need you being!
  • US ALL: Our neighbors, and community. When's the last time you checked on a neighbor's well-being? How many do you even know, now? How safe have you let your community become? Or have "you", meaning us all, become too focused on putting out all the immediate fires in your own life, you haven't cared at all about the pain and suffering of others? We're ALL in this together. Now we're remembering that... and experiencing how easy it is to uplift and inspire others - WITH OUR EXAMPLE!!
  • THE PLANET: As obvious as this one is, how much time, thought and effort have you given to creating a better world? Back when I was a reporter and assistant managing editor in Wisconsin in the 1990s we began mandatory recycling. We haven't really improved much since then. We're still almost oblivious of our carbon footprint. And living our lives "same old, same old" - disregarding our RESPONSIBILITY as "Caretaker for the Planet"!

We're Walking Through the Changes Required of Us All, Over Our 5 Modules...

In our first module of the Saving Humanity Intensive, we're taking our power back.

Then we're doing one full module on each aspect of the "Promise to the Planet" work.

In Module II we're completing "My Promise to Myself". I'm walking you through it, in real time. You'll be defining all the ways you're going to get your life together, so you're focused, inspired and determined to fulfill your Duty, your Destiny, your Dharma... and create the MASTERPIECE that is your life!!!

Then once you've completed that, in Module III we're doing "My Promise to My Family". This is how you're choosing to show up each day for the people you love, who matter the most ot you. I'm walking you through being the parent you know you need to be, for your children. And the lover your partner is longing for you to be. And making sure you're never again taking anyone who means the world to you ... for granted, EVER!

Next once you have the first two components of your Promise to the Planet, then we're doing "My Promise to Humanity" in Module IV. A big part of this is finding your place in the world, honoring your Inspired Role, Being of Service in the way uniquely meant for you! It's a very important Promise, as you can well imagine! 

Lastly, with Module V we're doing "My Promise to the Earth". Now that we've done the work on ourselves and are fully valuing the people who matter most... we're also SERVING others without holding back or limiting our impact, or our happiness... now we're honoring our role as Caretaker for the Planet. And we're putting it all together, as our "LIFE-GUIDE".

And we're holding ourselves and each other accountable for LIVING THESE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGES...

Which literally are "The Best Thing We've Ever Done"!!!

Our Saving Humanity Intensive promises to be The Best Thing You've Ever Done... For Yourself - Your Family - the Whole Human Race - Certainly for Planet Earth!

Now, we're doing our Saving Humanity Intensive one module a day over the next four days.

Each module comprises one or more videos, a written lesson, and an email lesson. Each of our Four Promises lessons will take contemplation. Give yourself about three hours for each of those, where you will be uninterrupted, take thorough notes and do the work as we're doing our videos, and then the written instructions.

Through doing the "Promise to the Planet", you're stepping into the greatest version of yourself! That's why this work is so important to take your time, do carefully, and go all the way with it!

Now a note on your tuition...

I recorded our videos first and from them our Intensive was a $400 training, which is truly MUST-DO for us ALL!

Except then when I wrote the Module I lesson, it already surpassed that $400 mark, meaning it was so valuable, just Module I merits a $400 tuition by itself. 

Then Module II was so valuable, as well, the total tuition increased to $800. Module III fit within that, barely.

And Module IV added another $400, to $1,200. Module V, as well, meaning $1,600 is the honest tuition for the full Saving Humanity Intensive, because it's worth so much to you it easily justifies that amount.

Except I dropped it to $1,497, because that's within reach of almost everyone when they put it on a card, change their lives, and pay it back over time.

It's going to quite literally TRANSFORM your life... your family... Humanity... and the Earth

It definitely is that important to take to heart!!

Join the Saving Humanity Intensive right here, and we begin taking back our Power immediately...

Saving Humanity Intensive - This work is required, of us ALL, now!

You remember when I said earlier we have two key dynamics at play here?

The first is people - WERE - giving their power away ... BEFORE they began doing our Saving Humanity Intensive, en masse...

The second is we're at a major evolutionary shift in Humanity... right now!

We all know it's happening. If you're sensitive you can feel it.

We're at a monumental turning point in human history!!!

The actions we're taking, now, matter.

They matter a great deal!

We could even say the pandemic is a SYMPTOM of our growing pains as a species.

(That would be a little "passing the buck" not-taking-responsibility. Because it's really about us having neglected ourselves and each other for so long, we HAD become week... and missed all the earlier warnings that we had to start taking care of ourselves and the planet... for WAY TOO LONG.

(Now we no longer have the option of delaying these changes any more.)

This is our time to grow. And to come together for everyone's betterment.

History will show that - as long as we're making the changes we need to make... now - this quarantine and lockdown, "The Great Introspection", was in fact the monumental turning point in human evolution... the catalyst inspiring us to come together, actively creating our lives and the world the way they need to be!

Our Saving Humanity Intensive is the vehicle through which that's happening.

Take it that seriously. It is.

And do it yourself, now.

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