Believing in Yourself Isn’t Enough…. Here’s How to Be Super Confident!

It’s one thing to believe in yourself, which is an internal activity. However, if you don’t act on those beliefs, you’ll limit the amount of success and happiness you enjoy. Confidence begins inside and extends outward—into the actions you take in the world. As you’re now becoming super-confident, first, define confidence for yourself, because people define it differently. To some it may relate strictly to their work environment, being confident in how they perform their jobs or run their businesses. You want to exude confidence so you’re successful in work and make a good living.

For others, confidence may be more about their personal image and how they interact with others socially. Your super-confidence helps you attract and keep confident friends who appreciate you and relate on an equal basis… if you’re not their natural leader.

So decide what confidence means to you and then take stock of where you are and how you measure up to your definition. For example, if you notice that you feel like you believe in yourself and appear to be confident when you network at business meetings, yet you’re not seeing people run up to grab your business card, then determine what you could do to be more confident.

One great way to be super confident once you’ve defined it is to emulate another super-confident person. Whether or not you interact with them or ask them to coach or mentor you, at least you can copy their confidence. Notice how they dress, how they walk, how they shake hands, how they look people in the eyes, how they speak, what they say.

Another way to build confidence is to study how you are when you do something you’re naturally confident at. Suppose you’re a naturally confident writer, yet you want to overcome the fear of public speaking so you can better promote your books. What makes you confident as a writer? You might notice that you have a knack for writing in a way that speaks directly to the reader. How do you do that? How can you do that when you’re speaking in front of an audience?

An additional confidence booster is to ask for feedback from a trusted friend or associate. If you’re building your confidence to speak to strangers in social situations, take a friend with you and ask him or her to give you feedback after you’ve had some encounters. It helps if the friend is confident in social situations.

Confidence training can also include finding ways to stretch beyond your typical comfort zone, in other words, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Take baby steps. If you want to speak to groups, start with a few people in your living room. Then talk to a small group at a local library and keep building from there. When people tell me how much value they received from hearing my talk, it zooms my confidence to the top of the charts. And if I get no feedback or people are walking out early, it’s time to see what can be improved. Is it the right subject matter, the right audience, passion for the information, the way it’s presented…? Keep doing what you’re doing with minor adjustments each time and notice how your confidence keeps growing.

With this un-ending commitment, tomorrow can be the first day you woke up super-confident!




How to Believe in Yourself… Even When It Seems No One Else Does

People with lower self-esteem tend to fit it difficult to believe in themselves when it seems no one else does. People generally derive feedback from how we’re perceived by others. When that feedback is negative—or worse non-existent—many tend to doubt themselves.


“I thought I was confident when I presented myself at that meeting,” you might think. Then when nobody approaches you to ask more about your business, you start to wonder. Do others not believe me when I say I’m an excellent financial planner? Or massage therapist? Or executive coach?


Or you might get dressed up and go out to a singles’ party. You took the time to buy a new outfit, get your haircut, and lose a few pounds. You say your affirmations before you leave the house: “I’m lovable and (women/men) are attracted to me.” And after the event is over, you can’t figure out why no one seemed to want to talk with you.


Have you ever heard of the mirror effect? That means that when someone says something to you, they may be reflecting back what they’re experiencing IN you. That is, some of the person’s feedback is their own “stuff”, while some is a reflection on your energy.


So if you’re doubting yourself when you go to the party and you start comparing yourself to others—“He’s much better looking than me” or “She’s got a great dress that puts mine to shame”—then the energy you put out is what others pick up on and that’s the feedback they present.


I know this may be hard to take in. A lot of people don’t like to hear that they’re putting out negativity, fear, lack of confidence, etc. They may smile, feel good about themselves, and then not get the results they want or expect. However, when you take full responsibility for the results you get in your life, you’ll experience great freedom. WHY? Because you can change anything that’s not working!


That means when it seems others don’t believe in you, you can begin by believing in yourself. Take an honest appraisal of how you really feel about yourself. Do you truly believe you’re worthy of love? Do you actually feel you deserve to attract clients and prosper in your business? I’m sure you’re thinking, “YES, I DO!” And I would agree many of us do believe that we do believe in ourselves.


However, all I can say is we live in a reflective world where what you put out is what you get back. So if it seems no one else is believing in you, your job is to do what it takes to believe in yourself. And I’ll tell you what—believing in yourself provides great benefits beyond doing it for others. You will feel amazing when you fully believe in yourself. You’ll naturally walk through the world with great ease and confidence—and it won’t matter if anyone else believes in you, because the most important person in your world does! YOU! And just like that, you’ll see positive reflections in others.




Stop Questioning: “Will I Ever Find The Right Person for Me?”

Have you ever wondered if there’s a right person for everyone—especially you? If you’re like other singles, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a lot. Perhaps you’ve had love and lost. You’ve been married and divorced. Or you’ve been single your whole life.

 As we grow older, especially past 40, many singles, whether divorced or never married, ask this question with more and more doubt. Some of them may erroneously believe there seems to be fewer opportunities to find love. You most likely found it easier to meet potential partners when you were younger: in school, in jobs, in your neighborhood, or through friends. There appeared to be no shortage of the “right person” available. And you may have connected with some partners, but unfortunately, for whatever reasons, it didn’t last.

 I once heard someone say, “If you can’t find Mr. Right, how about Mr. Right Now?” Or the song that says, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” That’s fine if you’re not looking for long-lasting love and you’re happy to live—and love—in the moment. And this scenario is perfect for many people. Because you may have noticed that the longer you’ve been single, the harder it is to consider being with someone on a regular basis. You’re set in your ways, you enjoy your freedom, and you have no one to have to compromise with. So being with Mr. or Ms. Right Now is OK for you.

However, if you have your heart set on finding the right person long-term, then you need to ask this question: “Am I the right person?” What I mean by that is, are you the right person for someone else, that someone who’s also looking for the right person? And truthfully, the only way to be the right person for someone is to be the right person for you!

So the question you should be asking instead of “Will I ever find the right person for me?” is “Am I the right person for me?” To explore this further, take stock of your assets and liabilities—no, not the financial ones, although that’s part of the picture, but the personal ones. Can you assemble a personal balance sheet?

 For example, your asset side could include: I’m attractive, friendly, generous, helpful, talented, and curious; while your liabilities might include: I’m a procrastinator, I’m often late, I don’t always keep my commitments, I don’t finish what I start, and I’m disorganized at home. Then consider whether you want to improve upon or eliminate any of these traits. Would they be appealing to the person you imagine is right for you? Are you happy with these characteristics?

 To find the right person for you think about embarking on the journey of becoming the right person—for you and for that someone who will be attracted to you because you’re attracted to yourself. The love of your life is YOU—at least for now!




The Right Way to Add Feelings to What You’re Manifesting So It’s Yours… Fast

Did you know that you are a master manifester? That means that you’re the creator of your life experience. You create or manifest your life through your thoughts, words, and actions—and most importantly through your feelings.

 If you’re new to this philosophy, you might remember the great impact the movie “The Secret” had several years ago bringing the so-called “secrets” of manifestation to the masses. Many people embraced these ideas; however, many also met with great frustration in not being able to manifest everything they desired.

 Although Napoleon Hill may have said, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement,” it’s not the end point. He also said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” All that’s true, and for most of us we can create fierce desire for what we want; we can conceive in our imagination our fondest hopes; and many of us can believe we can have what we want—although belief is sometimes a stopping point for us.

 Yet, why do countless lost souls wander around in lives of quiet desperation wishing, hoping, praying, journaling, and doing all the “things” they’re supposed to do to manifest their dreams?

 If you examine Napoleon Hill’s quote about the mind, you can see that he leaves out the heart. What “The Secret” didn’t explain is that the real secret is that we have to power our thoughts, words, and actions with feelings. Feelings are the fuel of manifestation.

 Close your eyes for a minute and visualize in detail a scene where you were happy. Now put yourself into the scene and feel the feelings; notice the shift in your energy. Tony Robbins, another teacher of manifesting principles, talks about changing one’s state. So if you’re feeling sad, you can change your state to happiness by moving your body, feeling the feelings, and recreating the state of happiness.

 Many other teachers like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay have all advised seekers about the power of feelings. Abraham-Hicks say in The Law of Attraction that every thought you think has magnetic attracting potential, but the thoughts in combination with the feeling of a strong emotion are the most powerful.

 Another teacher, John Assaraf, in The Answer provides scientific evidence that reveals the power of thoughts and feelings. Science has proven that everything is composed of energy and is inter-related. Therefore, your thoughts fueled by the force of feelings have energy to affect the material world and the power to attract what you desire.

 If you want to be an effective manifester, take the time to study more about the law of attraction. Find the method that works best for you to attract what you desire. If you journal or say affirmations, use powerful adjectives like “enthusiastic”, “thrilled”, and “grateful” to energize your feelings. For example, you might say, “I’m thrilled with the success of my new business. I’m so grateful that I get to assist many people.” Then close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, feel the feelings, and visualize the outcome you desire. Welcome to the wonderful world of manifestation!


Let’s Make A Difference, TOGETHER Empowering 100 Million People… (Starting with YOU, Now!)

Transform Your Life by Making A Difference to Others!

Hello My Friend!

Thank you for giving me permission to transform your life!!!

In seconds we’ll be ready to begin “Transforming Your Life by Being of Service”.

First, though, we want to make sure you’re appreciating that this really is a $2,000 training.

I have three or four other trainings that also sell for $1,997, and others that cost more.

That means “Transforming Your Life by Being of Service” is so valuable, it easily justifies its $2,000 price tag (because it’s worth 10 times more than that).

It’s important that you respect it as a $2,000 product = In fact treat it as though you paid that much to do it with me.

Because that way you’ll make sure you get that “10 times more than you paid for it” out of this life-changing course.

Are you willing to do that!?


Let’s begin.

Allow "Transforming Your Life by Being of Service" to Serve YOU fully! Complete the “Transforming Your Life by Being of Service” training with Me (Make sure you take it to heart!)

Transforming Your Life by Being of Service

1. We begin by downloading and opening the course manual – right click and save it here.

2. Open the manual and then play Part 1 of the “Transforming Your Life” Audio Training:

CD 1:[podloveaudio src=”″]
(This really is your key to Self-Empowerment…
Make sure you’re doing everything right along with me in the audio.)

3. As soon as we finish CD1, move right along with me to CD2…

CD 2:[podloveaudio src=”″]

4. Make sure you’re thinking about all the questions we’re exploring together, and participate in the conversations – not just in the Personal Growth Community – also on Facebook with your friends… as part of how we’re all together transforming the lives of so many good people!

5. Play CD3 when we’ve finished going through CD2.

CD 3:[podloveaudio src=”″]

6. How much are you going to allow The First Covenant of The Affluent Class to transform your life?

It’s very important to me that you allow it to serve you fully, and that you begin living it, where you’re consciously choosing what you’re giving your power to, moment by moment… and quickly manifesting everything you earnestly desire!

Will you do that for me?


How great does it feel doing what I suggest you commit to doing here?

You know it will make a real difference – for you, for people whose lives you impact as a result of committing to “Making A Difference”… and for —- 100 million people!!!

Now let’s get started with the really fun stuff… making it all happen!

Like and Share the "Make A Difference" Video and Coaching Manual Commit And DO “Make A Difference” – with All Your Facebook Friends – for a Week, Starting Now: (It’s How We’re Transforming the Lives of 100 Million People…Together!!!) 

Everything we do is centered around the “Difference Page” – – Click on it, it opens in a new window.

Rate that post first – Giving it 5-stars if you support what we’re doing with the “Make A Difference” Movement. Just click the fifth star top left.

Then Share it on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc… right in the “Rating Pop-Up”.

Next, at the top of the page, Tweet it and Like it. (That’s really quick, easy… and helpful!)

Then scroll down to the bottom and click the “I Love It” button, and Tweet it, Post to Facebook and Pin It.

Now It’s Time to DO the “Make A Difference” Process

1. Go to your Facebook. Tell people you’re doing the Life Transformation Process.

And you’re organizing the “Make A Difference” Mastermind and ask/invite/tell all your friends to do the Life Transformation Process with you.

(Technically it’s “Transforming Your Life by Being of Service”, the $2,000 Training you’ve arranged to give your friends so they can do it with you, and benefit from it the same time you’re putting it into practice, over the next 7 days!)

Then send them to and make sure they’re doing “The Process” right along with you!

2. Now – throughout today, be hyper-sensitive to keeping your focus on your Obsessional Desire, and feeling great about empowering it and making it yours.

…Tune in to all the things showing up. Acknowledge that you “Created, Attracted, Manifested and Allowed” those things to ‘happen’ – by using The First Covenant wisely, as all of us are meant to.

3. Just share your observations, experiences, insights – and all the great stuff you’re manifesting… with your Facebook friends.

In each post, remind them this is Day 1 of “Transforming Your Life” at and ask them what they’re experiencing.

(Because, you say, they really need to be doing “Difference” with you, because it’s great; it feels wonderful, knowing you’re part of the Make A Difference Movement that’s transforming the lives of 100 million people – starting with – THEM!!!)

4. Lastly, let everyone know in the Facebook Comments section at the bottom of the Difference Page what inspired you the most from the “Transforming Your Life by Being of Service” Training.

Did you allow yourself to get the full “worth 10 times the $2,000 price” measure of value from it yourself?

If you did, mention how much it was worth, and why it is so valuable!

If you did not, then go through it again… and make sure you allow it to serve you – at least that much. Because then it will (that’s exactly what you’ll manifest, empower… and experience!!!)

Thanks much – I’m grateful to you for reaching out and truly Making A Difference to all the people you care about…. And I’m extremely gratified for you allowing this training to serve *YOU* fully!!!


Dan Klatt,
“Think And Grow Rich Guy”
(Personal Growth Society Charter Member)
“Daily Personal Growth” TV Show host
….Serving Your WealthSensei!

Allow this material to "Make A Profound Difference" for you!
If you want to take a break from “Transforming The Lives of Your Facebook Friends… And Yourself” today, you may watch the companion video if you want.

First came the video. Then the manual “spiraled it up” so it had more impact on you and everyone you share it with. Then the audio training sky-rocketed that (as you’ve heard, now that we’ve gone through it!)

You may watch the video here, if you’d like, as a reinforcement bonus (although only do this after you’ve “Made A Difference” to your Facebook Friends today and you’ve gotten them doing the Life Transformation with you and Making A Difference right along with you)…

The video is supplemental material – and we don’t want it to distract us from the 7-Day Process and how much fun we’re all having doing it together!!!

[imaioVideo v=1]
Who else comes to mind that you can “Make A Difference” with, even beyond all your Facebook friends whose lives you’re Transforming by having them do the process with you?

Take a few minutes and email some friends and family personally, offering them the $2,000 “Transforming Your Life by Being of Service” Training, and asking them to do the Make A Difference Process with you, starting today.

Each of them will definitely count toward your Commitment to serve all the people you can today, and over these next 7 days!

What other comments or insights from the training do you want to make sure your friends particularly make note of and apply to their lives?

(Go back to Facebook and tell them!)

Keep in mind that each time you’re commenting on what you’re learning and experiencing and doing, and how great it all feels Making A Difference…. by including the link and inviting your friends to be part of your Make A Difference Mastermind…

You’re Making A Difference to every one of your friends who participate.

You can imagine how quickly you’re Making A Difference to 49 people, and easily dozens more, through your repeated comments, insights and observations, throughout today.

…Throughout tomorrow. Throughout Day 3. Day 4. Day 5. Day 6. And Day 7.


Also do make a point – OFTEN! – to acknowledge how significant this work is that you’re doing, by getting all your Facebook friends joining you in Making A Difference.

Return to “The Vision”, where through you getting all your friends “Transforming Your Life by Being of Service”… and them getting their friends to, as well, and then three and four and five generations of everyone’s friends Making a Global Difference….

You literally are creating something substantial that’s benefiting thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of people!!!

How amazing and wonderful does that make you feel!?

It’s pretty incredible when you focus on that – and EMPOWER it with strong feelings.

…Knowing that’s what you’re then further creating.

And Making A Difference to that many more people’s lives.

(So go back right now and share how great this feels and how inspired you are, and in doing that, you’re Transforming the Lives of potentially millions more!!!)

You know it!!!

Lastly, make sure we’re all connected.

Let’s become Facebook friends. Follow me on Twitter so I can follow you back. Let’s G+ each other. Same with Pinterest. And LinkedIn. And subscribe to my YouTube channel. We connect through the “Let’s Connect Spa” at the top of the page. 🙂

Remember with everything you’re doing to Make A Difference… Your friends will love you for Sharing The Inspiration, and Transforming Their Lives!!!

What You Need To Do That You Haven’t Yet ( “Daily Personal Growth Walk”)

“If there’s still a spot left, make sure you’re one of the 20 to at most 24 people joining us live for the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar!”


Think and Grow Rich is credited with creating 1 million millionaires, more than anything else in history… (so far!)

Now it’s your turn to make sure you’re getting the results you expect (and deserve) from this “Success Bible”.

Since I began teaching Think and Grow Rich back in 2003, I’ve become respected as the leading expert in the world on Napoleon Hill’s work.


What Are You Doing to *Celebrate* 12/12/12 This Year?

How would you like to learn and master Think and Grow Rich!?

Not quite three years ago I did a 21-day retreat in a resort on the Strip in Las Vegas where I went through Think and Grow Rich page by page, line by line, word for word.

I wrote down everything you absolutely must know in Think and Grow Rich to experience the promise within its title.

The intention was that this comprehensive training would be eight hours long.

However, it was so “RICH” with important wealth-enhancing and life-changing wisdom that it required 18 hours to give it the treatment it …. and YOU …. deserve!


On 12/12/12 we’re beginning a 3-day seminar where I’m going to take you through all this Timeless Wealth Wisdom that you absolutely need to know to truly Think AND GROW as Rich as you want – and DESERVE – to be.

….In fact, it’s how I’m fulfilling my life purpose, which means everything to me.

My life purpose is to actualize “The Carnegie Vision”.

“The Carnegie Vision”

Quite simply, “The Carnegie Vision” is the greatest legacy of Mr. Andrew Carnegie, today regarded as the second richest person in history.

As a result of “The Carnegie Vision”, the world CAN
Think and Grow Rich.

“The Carnegie Vision” is quite simply that “Everyone has the power to become as wealthy as they desire”.


More specifically, Think and Grow Rich gives you “The Success Philosophy”, those 13 things that Napoleon Hill discovered the 500 richest people in the world do which the masses do not do.

Mr. Hill devoted 25 years of his life studying and becoming great friends with “The Affluent Class” and learning first-hand exactly how they became super-wealthy.

He compiled “The Success Philosophy”, those 13 things they do differently from everyone else, into Think and Grow Rich.

That’s what you’ll be mastering when you join me for three days, concluding this Dec. 12, 2012 in affluent (and sunny and warm in winter!) Scottsdale, Arizona.


Which session, specifically, is “THE ONE” you cannot miss?


“Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar” in Affluent Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 12/12/12

Here’s what you can look forward to experiencing in our
3-day workshop….

Monday, 12/10/12:

  • 9 a.m. – “The First Covenant of The Affluent Class” – This will be the foundation for you living your goals, desires and dreams, using the unlimited power of your mind
  • 10:30 a.m. – “The Starting Point of Your Greatest Achievement” – This workshop where you begin experiencing your heartfelt Desire is more than worth the cost of the full 3-day seminar!
  • Noon – “KNOWING You’ve Manifested Your Heartfelt Desire” – You’ll be on top of the world, with uber-confidence, and laser-focus!
  • 1:30 p.m. – Masterminding Lunch – The connections you make with like-minded Successful People can be worth a fortune, and may last a lifetime.
  • 3 p.m. – “Programming Yourself for TOTAL Success!” – Living your goals, desires and dreams becomes inevitable when you take this part of the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar to heart
  • 4:30 p.m. – “The Specialized Skill You Absolutely Must Have to Reach the Top” – This skill will keep you focused and SKYROCKET your results!

Tuesday, 12/11/12:

  • 9 a.m. – “Using ‘The Laboratory of Your Mind’ to LIVE Anything You Want” – The process I’m going to give you is more powerful than just about anything you’ve ever experienced….. You will *ABSOLUTELY LOVE* using it to manifest (with total certainty IT’S YOURS!) – anything important to you!
  • 10:30 a.m. – “The No-Fail System to Stay On Track And Quickly Fulfill Your Dreams” – This session is “MUST-DO“… having this system in place can be worth an absolute fortune to you!
  • Noon – “The Pivot Between ‘Thinking Rich’ And *GROWING RICH!*” – This session promises to be a pivotal moment for you, one you will look back on and say, “That was The Turning Point when everything changed for me!”
  • 1:30 p.m. – Masterminding Lunch, Part II – Now the connections are deeper and more meaningful. You will likely have several worth tens of thousands of dollars by the end of this special session… maybe one or two worth $100,000 or more.
  • 3 p.m. – “The Secret Key to Breaking Through Anything That Previously Stood in Your Way” – The subtle – yet crucial – mindset shift you will have once we’ve finished this session makes you unstoppable (you will plow right through any and all perceived obstacles – from now on!)
  • 4:30 p.m. – “Accessing The Hidden Forces That Make Everything Happen Quickly for You” – Just as all computers are connected, through the Internet, all people are, through an infinitely more powerful “Super-Conscious Network”, which we’ll be plugging into. (Incredibly VALUABLE!)

Wednesday, 12/12/12:

  • 9 a.m. – “Launching Your Desire Into Manifestation With More Power Than a 10-Megaton Nuclear Warhead” – Stand back when we light the fuse, during this session, because you’ll be able to feel it, tangibly, and it’s got quite the kick!!!
  • 10:30 a.m. – “Forcing Your ‘Inner Power’ to Work Relentlessly, 24-7, Until You’re Living Your Goals, Desires & Dreams” – This faithful servant does not sleep, does not rest, and it’s 9 Times More Powerful than the power you know about and use consciously.
  • Noon – “Giving Your Burning Desire Wings So It Takes Flight” – After this session, your “Goals, Desires & Dreams” will be out there, the right way, and it’s just a matter of anticipating the right people, inspirations and “coincidences” “showing up” to make it yours…. FAST!
  • 1:30 p.m. – “Power-Revelation Mastermind Lunch” – This session will easily be one of your most valuable because it’s where we solidify the most profound ways you’ve benefited from everything we’ve mastered… So Far. You’ll also find someone to hold you accountable for applying your greatest “ah-ha’s” and making sure you’re using them as much as you can.
  • 3 p.m. – “Aligning Your Burning Desire with The Grandest Vision that ‘Infinite Intelligence’ Expects of You” – Here you’ll access the source of Unlimited Power, which wants “The Best” for you, and Will Move Mountains to Make Sure You’re Living “The Best”, when you allow It to. This session will Skyrocket your self-confidence and inner-knowing that you’re meant to have *EVERYTHING* you sincerely Desire!
  • 4:30 p.m. – “Putting It All Together Into Your ‘Power Plan'” – Our “Wrap-Up” Session makes sure you have everything in place to *TAKE ACTION* on everything we’ve learned -and mastered- during our 3-day seminar. This solidifies it and guarantees it’s *THE BEST* thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

After reading through all the session titles and descriptions, you’re probably thinking….

Wow, that all sounds great, Dan
I can see I need to be at your event!”

And yet you’re probably also thinking….

“But I bet it costs a fortune….
I’m not sure I can afford it!”

In fact, you would be wise to think that such a high-caliber life-changing seminar as this is going to require a significant investment on your part.

And, truth be told, just the recordings from the event are going to cost people who didn’t *make the commitment* to be part of the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar – LIVE…. $4,995 during “Pre-Release” and then $7,995 as an Introductory Special, and $9.995 as the regular price.

Because of how much they’re going to transform the lives of everyone taking these insights to heart.

(That amount will be well worth every cent they paid, considering how much of a difference it’s going to have on every single one of the good people who buy – the recordings, from the live event, I promise you.)

 Not to mention the fact that we’re limiting enrollment to only 20 to at most 24 people…. because I need to make sure you and everyone there is getting all your questions answered and that I have time to coach you personally, during the live training.


So you would normally expect to pay $7,995 to join us live for such an intimate, focused Success Gathering, especially one of this magnitude.

However, you can be part of the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar for only….

How Much Will This Knowledge Be Worth To You? (How Ready Are You for This Transformation?)

Asking that question serves you much better than “how much does it cost to be one of the 20-24 allowed to attend?”

An even more powerful question is this:

“How can I *make sure* I’m one of those 20 to at most 24 people?”

Because asking yourself that question focuses your mind, at the Subconscious level, and summons your natural creativity and resourcefulness.

You WILL find “The Way” to make sure you’re one of those 20 to 24 people allowed to be at the “Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar”!

(And you will also allow it to be THE best thing you’ve ever done for yourself, which I promise it will be, the way we’re consciously creating this experience!)

 That way you’re focusing your mind – and therefore empowering – the best results possible for yourself by joining me for this life-changing seminar.

Let’s look at it this way…

You’ve read Think and Grow Rich before, right? (No worries if you haven’t, because you’ll master and begin living it through our 3 days together.)

If you’re like virtually everyone who’s read it, you probably didn’t get much results from going through it.

….Although at the same time, you know it’s credited with creating 1 million millionaires – and you have the inner-knowing it could help you become a millionaire, too…. all by shifting what you’re giving your attention to, and empowering with strong feelings.

That, my friend, is why you want to make sure YOU’RE IN and are with us in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, on 12/12/12 for the big Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar.

And that is also how it’s going to be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself, period!

So how much will it cost to join us for this “Must-Do” event!?

Please answer that question yourself, this way, because then I’ll know you’re truly ready for it to be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and you’re allowing it to be worth an absolute fortune to you….

The Empowered Approach to Go Into This With:

“Whatever it costs is insignificant compared to what I’m going to get out of it. I have the inner-knowing this is something I’ve got to do for myself.

“And I’ve already created the fact that it’s going to be phenomenal for me….

“And pay me back several times what I invested – in all areas, way beyond just financially – every year for the rest of my life!!!”

Your expectations determine your results

That’s one of the key concepts you’re about to master – even *BEFORE* we first meet in Scottsdale this December.

By expecting great things out of joining me and the 19-23 others at this event, and allowing it to serve you fully, you’re “Creating, Attracting, Manifesting and Allowing” exactly that!

(In fact, just our first session at 9 a.m. Monday 12/10 will be worth several multiples of your total investment.

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So let me ask you quite simply, this pivotal question:

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If you are, then please join us. And we’ll make sure it is (you and I both, as well as the 19-23 others joining us in Scottsdale 12/12/12).

If not, then please stay away!

You will likely continue doing what you’ve been doing – although please be honest with yourself and acknowledge that the results you’ve been getting will not improve, either.

…Unless and until you ARE ready to change the way you’re creating your life, using the power we all have

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So by reading on, you know there is a source of untapped power within you (and you can’t wait to master the way you’re using it to “Create, Attract, Manifest and Allow” your “Goals, Desires and Dreams”…. starting right away from our first session in the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar, where we tap into it my mastering “The First Covenant”!)

You realize that everything that happens comes down to the simple fact that “What you give your attention to and empower with strong feelings, you create more of”.

And you’re ready to master all 13 things Napoleon Hill discovered from 25 years of studying the 500 richest people in the world that they did differently than the mostly unsuccessful and struggling masses…. within the context of “The First Covenant” (which by the way you may also know of as “The Secret” mentioned in Think and Grow Rich 100 times, without ever revealing what “The Secret” is).

So let’s look at what your investment is, and fully appreciate how much that’s truly worth to you, even starting shortly after you claim one of the – at most – 20 to 24 seats available for the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar.

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Here’s a little secret:

Most people doing seminars sell the people there the recordings of the event, before they leave to go home. They know how great it was and want to take it home with them and typically pay several hundred dollars for these recordings.

I wanted to make this such a great deal for you to join us live for the Think And Grow Rich Success Philosophy Seminar that you knew you had to make sure you were there in Beautiful Scottsdale this winter.

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“The Game of Life” Start your own coaching: 7 days program

Have you ever been a coach to a neighborhood team? I know how it feels the first time I’ve coached a team of seven-year-old soccer kids and how much they can really test my patience, not to mention sanity as they run around kicking the ball like ants to a huge, white crumb. It feels strange at first, having to be stared at by a bunch of kids who they will know that I’m not the one in the field. Sounds wrong in a sense, right? But what is the dead about coaching?

Coaching is all about being a, well, ‘coach’ in the corporate world of handlers, front-liners and even a couple of benchwarmers biding their time to be given a chance to perform. I know how that feels when I go back to my regular day job. Some players are just MVP material, and some of them are just to support the MVP’s so why bother sticking around? It sounds ironic when they say ‘there is no I in team’, but even the underachievers can be sore losers as well.

These are steps that can be done within the day, and no matter what, it takes determination to be a coach.

1. There is a WHOLE lot of talk these days about Corporate Team Building. There are many, many options: vacation packages, rope courses, on-going office games, ice-breakers, etc. Management can also purchase videos, books, and seminar packages to assist them in building up their organization into a team worthy of belonging. A little later I will give you some ideas of where you can go for information on these team-building tools.

2. The truth about motivation is waiting to be grasped! It is ripe and ready for you to put into action today. Don’t settle for mind-numbing gibberish. Get practical in 3 small ways to begin looking forward to your alarm clock sounding off each morning before you huddle with the team.

3. Experience is the best thing despite of what course you graduated in. There is something about being a people person who knows how to stir the energetic side of one individual, and more so when you mix it up with an entire team.

4. To question a person by his or her performance is sometimes required, but never question their knowledge or their intelligence. Sadly, I have seen a few mistakes from past coaches who never seem to understand what a player has to go through to get the job right. It will lead to further aggravation and maybe even hostility. If you want the job done right, then go do it yourself. You’ll see how it is to be at the receiving end and it will help your set a much better course for improvement.

5. Sending a player to the bench is probably the worse experience a coach has to go through, especially if your player is the top performer. In dealing with this kind of person, see to it that he spills his guts voluntarily. Egotism in a performer tends to make them lose their focus on even the smallest mistakes, then you can catch him or her red handed. Be firm, but understanding about it.

6. Don’t allow your position to blind you from what you are supposed to do. Even coaches are human enough to think that they are far more superior, but only by rank. Even if you have been in their shoes when you were their age, it’s better to dole out a piece of wisdom in order for them to realize that this will be for their own benefit.

7. Lastly, you should learn to trust yourself and your team. Decisions and performance are primarily your goals, and there are many of them to see if they could perform the task much more efficiently. So before you think about sending one member to the bench, have a good chat with him or her and see if they have any problems. If it’s too personal, then just encourage them to do their best and it also helps to give them a good, encouraging slap on the back.

I guess there’s all there is to it. Being a corporate drone myself, I know how important it is for a company to be successful, and we’re all part of that success. Coaches are there not to make your work a little difficult just because you have either an attitude problem or not much a performer, but they’re the guides who will help you perform as hard as you can possibly can. You’ll do them proud one of these days, as well as you.

How do you know which direction to go in your life? You follow your bliss!

A 21-year-old recently asked me how she can know which direction to take with her life.

It’s an important question – for people of all ages, because too many people have settled for much less than what they truly desire and that limits their happiness, how successful they are, how joy-filled their lives are… and often leaves them with regret, and unmet dreams.

All of these things often lead to greater stress, anxiety, disillusionment, depression…. and poor health. So do take this issue seriously yourself – and choose to go in the direction you’re meant to take!

First of all, fundamental to this issue is your understanding of The First Covenant of The Affluent Class.

“The First Covenant” is just how everything works. In fact, it’s the operating principle in our lives, or I refer to it as the operating system of the universe.

Quite simply, “The First Covenant” reminds us of the fact that “what you give your attention to and empower with strong feelings, you create more of”.

Related to this issue about which direction people should take with their lives, “The First Covenant” means that whichever path you take, that becomes a dominant part of your life.

And how you feel about that path, that line of work for example, creates more experiences of a similar feeling quality.

For example if someone takes the first job out of college in something not related to what he or she is truly passionate about, that job probably will not be very rewarding. And it may be stressful, unfulfilling or even make that person miserable.

Notice how “what you give your attention to and empower with strong feelings, you create more of”. So in the context of an unfulfilling job, that person would be creating more things that show up in his or her relationships, likely, poor health, the finances – also which cause misery and leave our friend unfulfilled in these areas, too.


You see how that works?

So how do you turn this dynamic that doesn’t serve people very well around? (At least when they’re in jobs that do not give them joy, causing them “lack of joy” in other areas too.)

Well, you give your attention to “what gives you joy, inspires you and moves you closer to your goals, desires and dreams”.

Because with that focus, *that* becomes what you’re giving your attention to and empowering with strong feelings, and that also becomes what you’re creating more of.

I’m not suggesting you walk into the bosses office and say “I quit, take this job and shove it” or anything drastic like that.

Not at all, because we also know that “everything that happens is for my betterment” so there are many positive benefits from your current position, if you don’t love it each day.

Although, as an example, if you’re not really satisfied by your current work and you dream about working for yourself, doing what you love…. then start tonight educating yourself on how to start your own business, the right way, how to market effectively, how to set up an order-pulling website…

Give yourself the training you need to begin doing what you love, outside of your day-job hours.

And because you’ve taken the time to do that effectively, from the get-go, you’re likely to succeed with that, and eventually make more than the day job pays, and you reach the point where you know you would be doing what you love – all the time – and making more money than you would where you’re an employee… and then – as long as it feels joyful to you – it may be the right time to exit that “direction” and change paths to being self-employed.

It can happen at a pace that feels right and appropriate for you.

And notice how the new direction still demonstrates “The First Covenant of The Affluent Class” because working for yourself is what you’re giving your attention to and empowering with strong feelings, and you’re manifesting that new life, in what I refer to as “in style and ease and grace and comfort and joy and expedience”.

Therefore, that’s exactly what you’re creating more of!

Which career path will you now focus on – the right way – and empower with strong feelings… knowing that’s what you’re then manifesting more of?


Begin doing that at once!

How can you begin living “The First Covenant”… starting today? Go to and begin doing the “Crash Course on Creating Your Ideal Life”, the $197 video training I created to make sure you’re mastering this power we’re all meant to be using effectively, each moment. Also, if working for yourself is your dream, then you will love “Your First Million Online”, which can be free when you give yourself “The First Covenant 30-Day Immersion”

((link that to:

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship

Because all relationships grow and change over time,even if you have a great relationship, there may be times when you feel like your bond could be stronger.

Consider these tips to fortify your partnership:

1. Take your partner’s side. To continue to grow an enriching, loving relationship, consistently advocate for your partner’s position, whether you agree with them or not. If you promise yourself to always be on the same side, then there will be fewer situations that divide you.

• Although disagreement can be appropriate, do so with tact and love instead of fighting. Let your differences lead to discussions that help you understand each other better rather than divide you.These types of honest discussions reinforce the love and respect youshare.

2. Release past hurts. If you’ve been holding on to emotional pain related to your current partner or a past one, let it go. Keeping the hurt inside can stifle the love and affection you want in your relationship.

• If the painresults from your current partner’s actions,resolve the past situation so you can let go of that pain and move forward with your relationship.

• Letting go of past hurts allow you to feel freer to love and be close to your partner.

3. Be willing to try something new. If you want to truly connect with your partner, embrace the activities he loves to do. Even though the particular pastime may not be your cup of tea, show willingness to engage in his beloved activities with him.

• For example, if your partner invites you to go to an NFL game, you don’t have to be a football fan to go and enjoy yourself. Look at it this way: you’ll be there to share something really special with your love. He’ll be thrilled to have you there and will most likely recognize the sacrifice you made to share the experience with him.

4. Lose the need to be right. Winning arguments with your partner is overrated. After all, what value does being right really have? Insisting that the other person agree that you’re right and they’re wrongdoes nothing to increase positive feelings or strengthen the bond between you.

• Try focusing, instead, on acceptingthat there will be times when you might be correct and other times when he’s the one who’s right.

• Sometimes, these situations can be better resolved by sorting out how you each feel so you can find a middle ground that can bring you closer together rather than determining who’s right or wrong.

5. Celebrate your differences. Allow yourself to again experience the passion that brought you into the relationship. You have a responsibility to keep the flame going, which reinforces your connection. One way to do thatis to truly embrace the ways in which you are different.

There are so many wonderful opportunities to ensure your partnership continues to blossom and grow stronger. Use these tips for inspiration to help youcultivate your cherished relationship and watch it thrive under your careful tending.

Love Your Home: Creating Your Own Paradise

Do you have fantasies about where you’d like to live someday? Maybe it’s a beautiful little seaside town in the south of France or a log home in the mountains of Denver. Fortunately, you can have a bit of your dream right now, where you live today, without uprooting your life!

Although it’s important to strive toward making your dreams a reality, you’ll live a happier existence in the meantime if you work to create your own paradise wherever you live.

Try some of these tips to ensure you’re living your best life in the here-and-now:

1. Accept where you’re living. Whether you’re in a one-bedroom apartment or your great aunt’s condo downtown, for now, you’re calling it home. This is your own bit of paradise for today. Tell yourself that you’re okay living where you live because it’s simply a stepping stone that will lead you to the place you want to eventually be.

2. Set the mood. Do you wish to lift your spirits and energy level when you walk in the door? If so, decorate with brighter colored textiles in furniture, upholstery, and curtains. Have splashes of vivid art on the walls.

• If you prefer to set a calm and tranquil tone in your own little heaven, use calmer colors like sage greens, beige, and mocha to present a more serene picture when you enter the room.

• No matter where you live, you can set the mood you want most by painting your walls and using evocative colors.

3. Consider options for your comfort. Do you want different furniture pieces to make your space fit you better or be more comfortable? Maybe you need a more efficient desk to sit at when you’re working at home. Perhaps different lighting fixtures would help.

• The key to creating your sanctuary is to set up each room exactly how you want it. This can be done on a budget, too. You don’t have to invest a fortune to create the look and feel that you desire. Consignment shops and thrift stores can be great sources for inexpensive items for your new look.

4. Learn to love the home you have. Find specific aspects of your space that bring you joy and contentment. Maybe it’s the way the sun streams in the east window of the kitchen in the mornings. Or perhaps you enjoy the open layout between the kitchen, dining, and living room areas. Notice and take full advantage of what you do like about your home.

5. Check out design websites, apps, and books for décor ideas. Look for inspiration such as furniture arrangement, carefully placed treasures, wall colors, and use of textiles to obtain the look and feel you want. Recognize that regardless of the size and location of your home, there are countless ways to alter it to suit your tastes and introduce the qualities you want.

Show some love to yourself and your home by creating a sanctuary right where you live now. With just a few simple changes and a fresh perspective, you can have your own paradise no matter where you live!