How to Create a Wealth Mindset

Wealth creation all starts with the mind.

If you have an abundance attitude and wealth mindset, you’ll be able to attract the financial success you deserve!

While there are many paths to wealth, once you discover the abundance mindset, you’ve set yourself up for actually achieving your dreams.

But how do you create this mindset in the first place?

Here are some techniques that will help you develop a wealth mindset:

1. Visualize your goal.

It’s not enough to just say you want to “be rich.”

You have to make the conscious decision to create a clear goal and visualize all the details.

It’s best to focus all of your energy on one thing rather than spreading yourself too thin.

2. Be specific. Break down your goal into minute details and start thinking about the exact steps you need to take in order to get there.

3. Break up the plan. The goal seems huge at first, but once broken down into smaller, more manageable steps, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Focus on each individual task that you need to complete, and then congratulate yourself once you achieve each step.

4. Take action. It’s easy to get caught up in the daydreaming and planning phases of your goals, but action is what it takes to get you there.

Your dreams become realities with action; otherwise they’ll just remain dreams forever.

5. Seek a mentor. Sometimes people are tempted to go at it alone, but you’re not alone in this world!

There are many out there that would like to see you succeed and it’s your responsibility to find these like-minded people.

Perhaps a business mentor or life coach may be just what you need to give you that extra push.

6. Focus on your thoughts.

If you’re experiencing confidence issues, it’s important to take time to focus on your thoughts.

Do you really believe that you can achieve wealth?

Are negative thoughts holding you back?

If necessary, remind yourself that wealth is possible and that success is a very real possibility for you as well.

7. Believe you deserve it. Believe that you are worthy of achieving wealth.

If you don’t think that you deserve it, you may unconsciously set yourself up for failure.

In turn, you may actually become the roadblock that prevents you from the wealth you deserve.

Believe In Yourself 

Do you truly want wealth?

Then be willing to follow through on your action plan while maintaining a positive attitude.

In life there are plenty of snags in the road and your path to wealth won’t always be easy.

If you maintain the perseverance to achieve, you’ll be more willing to seek solutions and find success.

Remember that you have to start somewhere.

Take the time to truly appreciate your progress.

So for example, if you’ve doubled your salary, that’s a huge feat to be celebrated!

While you may not be rich yet, you’ve made progress on the way to wealth.

Keep focused on your goal and you’ll continue to build an unstoppable momentum.

How important is wealth in your life?

How has wealth brought you happiness?

Talk about that in the Personal Growth Cafe Community!

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Wealth is abundant in my life.

I am rich in every area of my life.

My relationships and my career are overflowing with accomplishments. I am wealthy because I have a surplus of things that bring me joy.

The reserves of my soul are filled to capacity with the things I value.

I enjoy an overabundance of love, acceptance, forgiveness, health, and security in my life. I measure my wealth by counting my many blessings.

There is no shortage of blessings in my life because I work hard to position myself on the way to victory. 

When I purposefully pursue spiritual wealth, material prosperity follows me like a shadow wherever I go.

My friends and family enrich my life with their love. Feeling loved and accepted by my family makes me rich.

I value the people in my life because I count relationships as one of life’s greatest treasures.

I am wealthy in my business and career because I am meticulous in my plans. I seek the council of the wise and I plan ahead carefully.

When I take risks in the business world, they pay off in financial gains.

I am confident that the decisions that I make today are driving me forward toward even more wealth and success.

Wisdom guides me to make choices that bring me closer to triumph.

I obtain wealth by acquiring knowledge.

Today, I am thankful for the wealth that I possess and I look ahead to gaining even more wealth through wisdom, relationships and business.

I envision myself wealthy in every area of my life and work toward that reality.

What is most precious to you?

How can you increase your wealth?

Talk about that in the Personal Growth Cafe Community!

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Strategies for Building Wealth

Many people don’t realize that strategies for building wealth actually requires you to build up your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

The words “health” and “wealth” actually come from the same root, which means “wholeness” in the sense of being complete.

When we do things to make our lives wealthier, we should also be doing things to make our lives healthier.

Surely, to attract wealth we have to be in business in some way, shape, or form. If we aren’t doing some kind of work, we aren’t attracting wealth.

Attract Wealth by Working

It’s necessary to do some sort of work in order to attract wealth.

This is even true of those who are financially independent.

Granted, financially wealthy people don’t need to work on anybody else’s clock, but don’t be fooled, they’re still overseeing to ensure that work gets done.

Also remember that people don’t get wealthy overnight.

Yes, there are your lucky lottery winners who wake up rich after buying a single ticket, but more often than not, wealth is earned by hard work.

Patience is just as important as charting your progress toward wealth.

If your current job isn’t meeting your needs to reaching financial freedom, then take action and look for a job that will pay you more.

Attract Wealth Spiritually

Wealth is energy, and energy by its nature must flow.

The independently wealthy people who keep money working for them are creating, maintaining, and growing an energy flow, and that is a spiritual endeavor.

Another spiritual principle for wealth creation that is widely recognized amongst those who are financially successful is tithing, which isn’t necessarily tied to any religion.

Tithing is a principle that instructs a person to give away at least 10% of his money whether it’s weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually to noble causes that have nothing to do with seeking profit.

These causes are supposed to be things such as charities and philanthropic projects.

Those who are financially successful say that what you give away returns to you in greater measure.

So when they do noble things with their money, they not only benefit others, but they benefit themselves, because that spiritual energy returns to them and brings them even more wealth than they give out.

It’s an endless and beneficial cycle.

Take a look around your neighborhood for non-profit causes to support.

Local schools, libraries, places of worship, park and recreation departments, or children’s organizations are all deserving of your support.

Attract Wealth with Positive Thinking

Mentally, we attract wealth by creating a positive mental state where we fully understand and believe that we deserve to be wealthy.

Once we have created this positive image in our minds, we must have a clear vision of what our lives will be like when we are wealthy.

What will we be doing with our time?

Where will we live?

What things will we do?

What will we give to others?

Emotionally, we create within ourselves an attitude of gratitude.

Having an attitude of gratitude (even for wealth that we don’t actually have yet) charges up our wealth attraction magnet and helps to bring about that which we know is coming to us.

Today, how will you find the courage to take the first step toward your life goals?

How happy are you with the way you manage your life?

Talk about that in the Personal Growth Cafe Community!

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Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

Manifesting wealth and abundance begins from within.

You have to appreciate what you have in your life already – your family, friends, and job – instead of focusing on what you wish you had.

Often people waste precious time thinking about what they don’t have.

They start to believe their lives will improve if only they had more money, or more friends, or more gadgets.

They think about what’s lacking instead of the abundance that is already overflowing into their life.

Positive Thinking Brings Abundance

If you appreciate what you have, you’ll be inspired to take the necessary actions to bring more of what you want into your life.

From a practical point of view, this all starts with living happily with what you have.

Now at first, this may sound rather counterproductive, but living happily with what you have doesn’t mean you’re completely satisfied and fulfilled.

It simply means that you appreciate all the good parts of your life, and you recognize that you can take those things you have, even if they are few, and build upon them.

Very often we take our lives for granted and forget to give thanks for all that is good.

If you’re having a tough time recognizing the goodness in your life, then make a gratitude list and continue adding to it everyday. For example:

  • Be thankful when paying the rent because this means you have a place to sleep.
  • Be thankful for your winter coat because you’ll stay warm this winter.
  • Be thankful for your family because of their love, support and guidance you.
  • Be thankful for your job because it has allowed you to provide for your family.

If you can be happy with what you have now, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the better circumstances that are coming to you in your future.

Just imagine how much more you’ll appreciate your eventual move to a large home with a spacious property if you begin to enjoy your current humble place.

Keeping Up with the Neighbors

Remember, the term “wealth” doesn’t only relate to money.

You can be wealthy by having a loving family who visits often or friends who care for you like one of their own.

There’s much more to life than who has the latest designer purse or fanciest sports car in the neighborhood.

If you constantly compare yourself to your neighbor, based solely on material possessions, you may not fully understand what your neighbor’s life is like.

He may appear wealthy with his BMW, but perhaps he is suffering in his personal life.

Be very careful making judgments about others because you never truly know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Material possessions alone do not make an abundant life.

First Steps Toward Wealth

When you don’t have a lot of material possessions and monetary wealth, it ironically becomes easier for you to learn how to save money.

Saving money is paramount if you want to build monetary wealth, but in order to do so, you have to learn how to delay gratification.

That means you must make sure you’re making more money than you’re spending.

Ideally you want to pay for everything you have, not finance it – without truly owning your possessions and going into debt, you’re actually moving farther away from wealth.

Besides saving money, the real way to build wealth is to make more money. That may sound rather obvious, but too many people aren’t making the money they can and should.

You have to make the conscious decision to get unstuck from your dead-end job and the rat race.

You have to rise above the crowd and do something different. That may mean you have to discover creative ways for you to make more money.

For many people today, that may mean getting involved in a virtual office or an Internet-based business, but whatever the case might be for you, you can elevate yourself.

If you’re unhappy with the money you’re making, you have to starting thinking about ways to increase the amount of money you make so you can realize your dreams. Now go get started!

What do you want to get out of your life?

How do you take advantage of each opportunity to become a better person?

Talk about that in the Personal Growth Cafe Community!

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Build Wealth with Positive Thinking

To achieve any kind of great success, you must first believe that you’re capable of achieving that success.

Great sports stars can suddenly begin having lousy performances if they suddenly feel they can’t perform well or live up to their coach’s high expectations.

Writers and musicians suddenly have their wellsprings of inspiration dry up if they no longer “feel it” or if they suddenly lose confidence in their creative abilities.

The same is true in our own lives. You don’t have to be famous for your boss to have high expectations of you at work.

Our families also have certain expectations and if you cave under the pressure, your performance might suffer and your negative thoughts will infiltrate other areas of your life.

You’re Worthy of Achieving Wealth and Success

When it comes to building wealth, we have to believe that we can see ourselves becoming more and more wealthy.

It doesn’t matter how smart we might be, or how talented we are, or whether we’re sitting on top of the best business opportunity to come along in our lifetime, if we don’t believe in ourselves, we’ll have a hard time building wealth.

Wealth flows to those who believe they deserve it. It flows to those who envision it in their hands, their bank accounts, and their lives.

Even in your darkest hours when you’re trying to build wealth in your life, when times are tough and the seas of your world are troubled, you have to continue to see great wealth in your life. If it all seems to be happening too slowly, have patience.

Those who “know” something good is coming their way can always afford to be patient and safe in their knowledge that what they’re yearning for is within their grasp.

You’ll Survive the Difficult Times

Earlier I mentioned sports. One of the great coaches in professional sports history, Vince Lombardi, said the time when you really need to believe in yourself is not when everything is going your way.

You need to believe in yourself when everyone doubts you.

It’s easy to have confidence when everything is naturally falling into place! But where is your confidence when you need it the most?

Obviously, it can be tough to maintain a positive mindset when others get down on you, but to help improve your outlook, try to surround yourself with people who believe in you and are supportive of your goals.

Engaging with others who share your enthusiasm will lift your spirits and help block out negative thoughts.

When you have a positive mindset about creating wealth, you’ll continue to do what feels right even when the darkness descends and everything seems like chaos.

When no one else believes in you, you’ll still be able to take inspired action and, by constantly moving forward, you’ll attract the wealth that you desire.

But none of this can happen unless you begin with a clear vision. You have to see yourself with the wealth and abundance you desire and deserve.

Each day, take a moment to find a quiet place and see yourself with the financial freedom, flexibility, and life you desire!

How have you celebrated your success?

How can you nurture your passion to keep the flame strong?

Talk about that in the Personal Growth Cafe Community!

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I am worthy of wealth

I deserve to have wealth and power. I use my wealth for the greater good and appreciate it.

I am worthy of abundance. I am able to handle money and manage it well. My mind avoids focusing on fear and scarcity. Instead, I focus on wealth.

I attract wealth with ease. I am a money magnet that draws wealth. It stays in my hands without being wasted.

Money is one aspect of my wealth. I also have an abundance of love, joy, family, friendships, and health.

I have many things to be grateful for today. I climb out of scarcity into abundance.

I am worthy of financial security and peace of mind. I am worthy of a safety net for my family.

I deserve to have the money to pay all my bills. I let go of the self-limiting beliefs that hold wealth out of my reach.

I get rid of the negative thoughts that prevent abundance from being a part of my existence. I push away negative mindsets about scarcity.

I am aware of how my actions and thoughts shape my wealth and financial foundation.

Today, I know I deserve wealth. I know I deserve abundance in my life. I am grateful to have these things in my world. I attract more wealth and abundance with each step I take.

How can you attract more wealth without sacrificing more time?

What can you do to maintain your wealth and not waste it?

Talk about that in the Personal Growth Cafe Community!

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I am Wealth ( “Daily Personal Growth Walk”)

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If not, then please stay away!

You will likely continue doing what you’ve been doing – although please be honest with yourself and acknowledge that the results you’ve been getting will not improve, either.

…Unless and until you ARE ready to change the way you’re creating your life, using the power we all have

…To live the fulfillment of our “Goals, Desires and Dreams”!

So by reading on, you know there is a source of untapped power within you (and you can’t wait to master the way you’re using it to “Create, Attract, Manifest and Allow” your “Goals, Desires and Dreams”…. starting right away from our first session in the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar, where we tap into it my mastering “The First Covenant”!)

You realize that everything that happens comes down to the simple fact that “What you give your attention to and empower with strong feelings, you create more of”.

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  • Then a week or two after we’ve all experienced profoundly amazing results from “The First Covenant 30-Day Immersion” we’re actually going to begin doing my 18-hour “Mastering Think And Grow Rich” Video Training. That’s the course I did in the three-week Las Vegas retreat I mentioned earlier. You know, the one that sells for $5,000 right now, because I forgot to raise it to $10,000, which is truly what it’s worth.

You’re going to get that high-end training, also, for free, just to thank you for grabbing one of the last of the 20 to 24 seats at the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar in Scottsdale on 12/12/12…. today.


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Here’s a little secret:

Most people doing seminars sell the people there the recordings of the event, before they leave to go home. They know how great it was and want to take it home with them and typically pay several hundred dollars for these recordings.

I wanted to make this such a great deal for you to join us live for the Think And Grow Rich Success Philosophy Seminar that you knew you had to make sure you were there in Beautiful Scottsdale this winter.

That’s why I knew I had to give you the videos, as part of your Early-Bird Bonus Package for everyone joining this week!

In fact, I’m creating the seminar to be so valuable that everyone doing the recordings would feel well-served if they paid $12,000 for them. It’s going to be at least a $10,000 course, even if people can buy it for less, initially, shortly after we finish the training live.

You will, of course, be getting far better results by joining us for the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar live, if you’re able to be one of the 20 to at most 24 people able to join us in Scottsdale before and on 12/12/12.


Joining Us Live Will Be Phenomenal for You!

I’m committed to giving everyone doing the seminar videos so much value they would have been glad to pay $12,000 for those recordings.

When you’re one of those 20-24 people joining us live, you’ll be getting

  • You’ll be getting valuable Prosperity Coaching….
  • You’ll have all your specific questions answered, and most importantly….
  • You’ll be part of “The Experience”, and directly part of “The Power of The Mastermind” (that IS one of the 13 Components of The Success Philosophy” that IS Think and Grow Rich, and you’ll be mastering all 13 during our time together in Beautiful Scottsdale this winter!)


About the other 19 to at most 23 people joining you in Scottsdale…

We’ll also be making powerful masterminds, and even best friends… friendships that will be long-term and even life-long.

Because everyone joining us live will be successful, if not success-minded, these are the exact people you want to have in your personal Mastermind.

These are people who know where they’re going…. and exactly how to get there.

People exactly like you, who are embracing this power we all have within us – and using it each moment to live the fulfillment of our Goals, Desires and Dreams!

They’re the ones you want to have supporting you, focusing their power on YOUR Goals, Desires and Dreams, and helping you live their fulfillment.

(People joining us live just for the Power of The Mastermind will be well-served, even if that’s all they got out of joining us in Scottsdale.)

 In fact, I expect a few of the 20 to at most 24 people allowed to participate – joining us live just for the Mastermind Connections we’ll all be making.


What about an added incentive to
thank you for reserving your seat right now?

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“Warmly” 🙂

Dan Klatt,
“Think And Grow Rich Guy”
Founder of the CarnegieCentre

….Serving as Your WealthSensei!

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To make sure you grab one of the last 20 to at-most 24 spots before we’re completely sold out, you will also be getting Lifetime Access to my Private Coaching Membership.

Although if you wanted to get private on-one-one coaching from me, you would have to pay my regular fees of $3,500 an hour, you’re actually able to get Unlimited Prosperity Coaching from me personally, as often as you’d like, for just $39 a month.

That’s a great deal by itself, just $468 a year!

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For years after you’ve mastered Think and Grow Rich and The Success Philosophy it’s based on, you’ll still be getting as much prosperity coaching as you’d like, from me personally….

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How much will that be worth to you…. in all areas of your life!? (Priceless!)

That’s *HUGE* that long after the seminar ends, we’re still going to be “learning and growing and becoming more” – together… and continuing our Mastermind Connection as a group, through your Unlimited Coaching Membership!!!


PPS. Let’s do a quick review of all your bonuses, to make sure you’re claiming one of the last of the 20 to at-most 24 spots at the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar right now.

These are your Fast-Action Bonuses, worth $18,864:

  • “The First Covenant 30-Day Immersion” – We’re beginning this intense focus on “The Power” you have to create whatever you Desire, about a week after all 20-24 seats are taken (should be this week). Sells for $1,997
  • “Mastering Think And Grow Rich” Video Training – These 18+ hours of videos give you everything you need to know to truly Think AND GROW Rich. This training is going to cost $10,000; it would right now, although I forgot to raise it from $5,000 (it’s truly worth enough to justify the $10,000 price tag).
  • Downloads of the entire Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar – We’re creating these recordings to sell as a home-study training, costing $9,995, and quite possibly $12,000.
  • Lifetime Access to the Unlimited Coaching Membership – Here’s where we’re going to continue to hold each other accountable to living the fulfillment of our Goals, Desires and Dreams, and keep up the Mastermind Connection and deep friendships we’ve made during our time together in Scottsdale (regularly costs $468/year, or $1,872 over the first 4 years)

Claim Your Seat Now for only $1,997$997

Save $1,000 by reserving your spot today. On Thursday, Aug. 9, the cost will increase to $1,297, and will go up from there (until all 20, or at most 24 seats are taken). It will never be lower than it is right now.

This is your time to join…

Instant Purchase – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Cards, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week