Exactly why are you proud to be an American?

Tell the World: "Why Do You Love America?" Too Many Had Forgotten!

If someone challenged you to do your own "Why I Love America" Video, then do it and challenge your friends to do theirs, through WhyDoYouLoveAmerica.com. Watch this and do it - I challenge you!

Our divinely ordained Founding Fathers, inspiring the "Give-Me-Liberty-or-Give-Me-Death" determination in Americans, made America Great.

Now with that same determination within us - through YOU - we're Making America Great Again!!! So tell me, "Why do you love America!?"

TOGETHER we're inspiring each other, and everyone we can! Where may I send you the videos I've done, about how GLORIOUS America truly is, especially in all our hearts?

You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine!


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