Dear America Letter #3: This Is The Time for Reconnecting US!

Through This Letter We’re CORRECTING the Deeper Issue Underlying ALL the Turmoil, Hatred, Fear and Violence rampant in the World, Now! (Read It. Act on It.)

Dear America,

Yes, it seems the world has gone mad, and society is falling apart around us…

Yes, both parties hate each other’s presidential candidate and top leaders…

Yes, people have let their emotions run them – with reason, logic and common sense being the “baby” thrown out with the bath water…

There’s a deeper issue underlying all the chaos, violence, destruction, hatred… and fear.

We’ve become disconnected!

…From ourselves, especially.

From our higher guidance. Our intuition. Our “gut feelings”. Our purpose.

Also from our heart. And from wisdom.

And from our instincts, that storehouse of accumulated knowledge based on millennia of human experience.

Let’s get specific… and then we’ll reconnect!!!

We humans are equipped with our Internal Guidance System that tells us the right course of action to take. We innately know what’s right… and what’s wrong.

For example we all just know killing is wrong. We know stealing is wrong. We know destroying property is wrong. We know attacking police officers is wrong.

We know bullying is wrong. We also know not standing up to a bully bullying someone else… or stealing or looting or rioting or destroying property or attacking a police officer… that’s all – obviously – also patently wrong!

And, yet, how many people have taken part in these things, with all the rioting, violence, disruption and destruction, at least in the states promoting it, which “for some reason” all have democratic governors, or the cities, which “just so happen to have” democratic mayors…

I’m inviting you to think about that correlation, if you want to use your intelligence, rather than the emotions that have been deliberately triggered, and repeatedly pushed, by the mainstream media and its agenda of, well … hatred, fear, violence, destruction…

Why have so many people ALLOWED themselves to be manipulated by this (completely false) “narrative” and let themselves be run by their lower emotions, doing things they know to be blatantly wrong, which have no place in a supposedly “advanced” … CIVIL … society?

Because we’ve become so disconnected!!!

Think about that.

Share your thoughts about that in the Saving Humanity Community at

More importantly, have conversations about each of these points as separate posts, with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and link these posts back to this Dear America Letter.

We’ve ALL become disconnected, with ourselves, with our families, with each other, and with the planet.

The violence, hatred, chaos and destruction are all there, more as symptoms of that disconnection.

Although to be more accurate, it was the cold, calculating manipulation of those seeking to create “one world government”, with complete control over everyone’s lives – in other words, destroying our freedom and sovereignty, who took advantage of our disconnection… which has been carefully manipulated into affecting us all. That’s another story.

(See and because BOTH are important for you to know about the insidious Agenda behind our disconnection.)

Most people didn’t about that. (Until NOW!)

So the world is going to hell. That is by design. Yet it’s only happening because we HAD (carelessly, negligently, foolishly, and unconsciously) become disconnected. Mostly with ourselves, yet also with each other.

What is the solution?

1) First acknowledge how disconnected you really HAD been! See and feel into how that was behind your stress, anxiety, feeling lost, helpless, powerless, insecure, uncertain about your life, the future, which direction to go – Recognize it as the reason you’ve felt so lost, upset, unnerved.

2) Feel that disconnection. Don’t stuff it down. Deny it. Ignore it. Pretend it’s not there. Truly acknowledge it. It’s there to serve you. To get you to recognize deeper truths. And to really turn inward, returning to core, your source of strength, and power.

Remember that when you HAD been focusing and living your life “out there”, outside you, that didn’t feel good. It’s how you’ve lost touch. With the innate wisdom that is meant to guide you. Those feelings of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, insecurity, frustration, uneasiness, etc. – they’re there to help you recognize you WERE disconnected. Those feelings are there to help you turn back within, and take your power back, where it belongs … and where you need it.

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANTPlease take it to heart!!!

3) Reconnect! Stand Within Your Power! Tune out the “power pullers” – social media, the mass fear hysteria (the mainstream media!), “The Narrative” of hatred, fear, division, destruction, and even violence. Give that NONE of your attention, because – hear this, too – where you give your attention is precisely where you’re giving your power!!!

I STRONGLY recommend you do the “Saving Humanity Intensive” where I would walk you through making the changes required of EVERY ONE OF US, now!

Precisely because we’ve become so disconnected, so out of touch. Specifically, we HAD been neglecting ourselves… our families… each other (and our life purpose, our reason for being!)… and the Earth for far too long.

We’re CHANGING that, in this coaching program that’s so needed in the world, now.

BREATHE again. “Feel and enter the breath.” Come back home, to yourself! We’re not taught how to do this. Most people, in fact, live their whole lives “out there”, completely disconnected and remote – from themselves.

Within you lies your power, your center, your happiness, your purpose, true meaning, fulfillment —- YOUR LIFE!!!

Talk about all these things in the Saving Humanity Community, as well as in posts you make on Facebook, etc., linking back to this Dear America Letter.

(Obviously this message is needed in the world, now – do take the time to make sure all your online friends are seeing this, and Reconnecting themselves…)

Also join us in Reconnecting.US, at http://www.Reconnecting.US! Do that for yourself… do that to help others Reconnect, as well!!!

4) Lead and inspire others to Reconnect, as you’re reconnecting that much deeper yourself! That’s my recommendation as the focus of how you’re Being of Service to others. The point is to DEDICATE YOURSELF to something bigger than yourself that you’re passionate about!

Think of it this way. First we lost focus. Then we stopped believing in ourselves or thinking we matter. Then we gave up on our dreams, and our hopes. Then we accepted, essentially that “life sucks”, this is all there is, now. This is the “new normal”.

Don’t accept any of those disempowering LIES!!!

You’re meant for GREATNESS. You have it within you to make a HUGE contribution to Humanity and the world. You’re meant to have that level of happiness, joy, fulfillment, well-being, peace of mind, success, and yes, ABSOLUTELY… prosperity!

This is The Time to throw yourself into your purpose and have that impact you’re meant to have!

That gives you vitality, focus, Life Force… momentum… ACTION… it boosts your confidence… and SHOWS you how much you TRULY matter…

You see how needed you really are. How much you can achieve by putting your mind to it… You’re creating, instead of complaining… (complainers do nothing, except spew toxins on others – that’s harmful, to their health and the health of those receiving that garbage dump… really HEAR THAT!!)

And you’re moving forward – in your life, and therefore the whole human race and planet are also moved forward. Because of how interconnected we ALL are!

So what is that way you’re Being of Service?

What is that “Thing” that’s bigger than you or any of us that you know matters, which needs you, and through which you can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the world?

I would propose that you dedicate yourself to doing the “Saving Humanity Intensive” yourself, as you’re leading all your online friends through it, as well as your whole community, as a Stand Within Your Power Certified-Mentor!

You would be LEADING your community and everyone you can reach through this process of getting our lives back in order, RECONNECTING… and knowing how much each one of us truly matters!!!

Remember, life is about CONNECTION. And becoming purposeful, present, conscious, aware.

How does that feel to you?

I want to leave you with two images… for your consideration!

AFTER I ask that you share this Dear America Letter – grab the link to this page and tell your friends on all the social media you use to read it, because it’s THE CONVERSATION we ALL need to be having now – THANK YOU!!!



Dear America Letter #3 was written by me, Dan Klatt. About 30 years ago I realized I had the gift of seeing the best version of people, giving them “permission” to become that. I would like to walk you through becoming the best version of you, too, which you’re meant to be!

Please give yourself the Saving Humanity Intensive at, except please go through it as a Certified-Mentor where you’re also able to help THOUSANDS of others transform their lives at the same time!

This is the work most-needed in the world now, and it can reach the world through – YOU, through

It would be such an HONOR to work with you so meaningfully!!!

(It would also be the best thing you’ve ever done… for yourself, for your family, for the whole human race, and for the planet.)

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