We Must Hold the Media Accountable as “The Fourth Estate”

Dear America,

We’re heading toward war, and we need you to rise up and stop that!

The mainstream media has been pushing its self-serving agenda to divide and destroy us… we’ve tolerated that injustice for far too long.

We must now rise up and stop that!

Don’t just stop at TUNING OUT “The Narrative” of hatred… division… and yes, as unfathomable as it is for any intelligent person to believe… even VIOLENCE!!!

We must strongly proclaim…

“Enough is enough, CNN (and the rest; they're just the primary culprits)... We DEMAND you return to balanced coverage... and give us HONEST news, comprehensive news, and immediately END your NARRATIVE to divide and DESTROY us!!!”

If you agree, let them know. Send this clear, unequivocal message to CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, CBS, ABCthe New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and everyone else who’s been fanning the flames of racism, hatred, rioting, looting… and even violence!

And get everyone you can reach sending that clear message, as well.

You could send this if you want and make sure your friends are seeing this page and sending their own Dear America Letter… send THEM to http://www.DearAmericaLetter.com – AFTER you’ve sent in your own Dear America Letter…

We’re no longer tolerating such irresponsible, reprehensible behavior from the Fourth Estate, which MUST honor its duty to bring us the BALANCED coverage (that means both sides, CNN!) of the issues affecting us, so we can make OUR OWN informed decisions about what’s best for us.

Your duty is to inform us. Not to promote your ideology…
and certainly not to DIVIDE and DESTROY US!!!

We’re asking nicely now. (Well, we’re “nicely” demanding this of you now.) If you continue pushing your narrative of hatred, division and violence, then we will have no choice but to contact every one of your advertisers, and demand that they no longer do business with you.

Obviously you don’t care at all about the American people, because your divisive, hate-filled narrative has caused so much damage already…

Yet you DO care about your selfish interests, and you have made BILLIONS of dollars off the suffering you’ve been inciting.

Your advertisers must know that we can no longer tolerate this injustice that you are continuing to cause.

As a last resort, if you don’t voluntarily stop promoting hatred, fear and violence, we will petition the FCC (maybe the FTC and even the ATF considering the severity of the spread of violence you’ve promoted!) to require you to label your “news” as “harmful to the public health” – just as the cigarette manufacturers must label their toxic pollution as harmful, as well.

Please do what’s right. Or we will be forced to do what we must… to make things right.



“Dear America Letter #1” was written by me, Dan Klatt, who worked as a newspaper reporter for six years and assistant managing editor for four years – back in the 1990s, when everyone “knew” the media were liberal, yet we did honestly, and HONORABLY, present both sides.

We also took our role seriously in giving our audiences the facts they needed to make informed choices about how best to live their lives. We had our opinions. Yet we did not have the ARROGANCE or AUDACITY to presume we knew better than the people we serve… how THEY should live their lives.

(We also didn’t have our jobs threatened, nor our stories rewritten – if we didn’t write them to further “The Agenda” of the publisher, or board, of the corporations for whom we worked. Our ethics mattered to us. Also our Integrity! In fact, we were willing to GO TO JAIL, if necessary, to honor BOTH!)

We would have NEVER consented to blatantly promoting racism, hatred, violence… nor DISHONORING our responsibility, our sacred duty as journalist, as the propaganda arm of the Democrats, at least during the whole Obama Administration… and now of the Extreme Left.

Coming from Integrity, there’s NO WAY we would have accepted that… not even “one inch”. That shows how far off-balance we’ve gone as a society… how much we’ve lost our way.

It’s HIGH TIME we get it back again, reclaiming our strength, and Standing Within Our Power, our center. Do that here!

Make sure all your friends are reading this Dear America Letter and getting involved – first in making sure the mainstream media is honoring its role as the Fourth Estate… yet also in reading and ACTING ON other Dear America Letters – as well as submitting their own – Share this page link with them, on ALL your social media – THANKS!

Share your comments about this – also have conversations about these points with your friends on Facebook, etc., linking back to this Dear America Letter. It’s important for us ALL to take action to strop the bloodshed, violence, hatred … and move toward totalitarian takeover!

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