What You Need To Do That You Haven’t Yet (PersonalGrowthCafe.com “Daily Personal Growth Walk”)

“If there’s still a spot left, make sure you’re one of the 20 to at most 24 people joining us live for the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar!”


Think and Grow Rich is credited with creating 1 million millionaires, more than anything else in history… (so far!)

Now it’s your turn to make sure you’re getting the results you expect (and deserve) from this “Success Bible”.

Since I began teaching Think and Grow Rich back in 2003, I’ve become respected as the leading expert in the world on Napoleon Hill’s work.


What Are You Doing to *Celebrate* 12/12/12 This Year?

How would you like to learn and master Think and Grow Rich!?

Not quite three years ago I did a 21-day retreat in a resort on the Strip in Las Vegas where I went through Think and Grow Rich page by page, line by line, word for word.

I wrote down everything you absolutely must know in Think and Grow Rich to experience the promise within its title.

The intention was that this comprehensive training would be eight hours long.

However, it was so “RICH” with important wealth-enhancing and life-changing wisdom that it required 18 hours to give it the treatment it …. and YOU …. deserve!


On 12/12/12 we’re beginning a 3-day seminar where I’m going to take you through all this Timeless Wealth Wisdom that you absolutely need to know to truly Think AND GROW as Rich as you want – and DESERVE – to be.

….In fact, it’s how I’m fulfilling my life purpose, which means everything to me.

My life purpose is to actualize “The Carnegie Vision”.

“The Carnegie Vision”

Quite simply, “The Carnegie Vision” is the greatest legacy of Mr. Andrew Carnegie, today regarded as the second richest person in history.

As a result of “The Carnegie Vision”, the world CAN
Think and Grow Rich.

“The Carnegie Vision” is quite simply that “Everyone has the power to become as wealthy as they desire”.


More specifically, Think and Grow Rich gives you “The Success Philosophy”, those 13 things that Napoleon Hill discovered the 500 richest people in the world do which the masses do not do.

Mr. Hill devoted 25 years of his life studying and becoming great friends with “The Affluent Class” and learning first-hand exactly how they became super-wealthy.

He compiled “The Success Philosophy”, those 13 things they do differently from everyone else, into Think and Grow Rich.

That’s what you’ll be mastering when you join me for three days, concluding this Dec. 12, 2012 in affluent (and sunny and warm in winter!) Scottsdale, Arizona.


Which session, specifically, is “THE ONE” you cannot miss?


“Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar” in Affluent Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 12/12/12

Here’s what you can look forward to experiencing in our
3-day workshop….

Monday, 12/10/12:

  • 9 a.m. – “The First Covenant of The Affluent Class” – This will be the foundation for you living your goals, desires and dreams, using the unlimited power of your mind
  • 10:30 a.m. – “The Starting Point of Your Greatest Achievement” – This workshop where you begin experiencing your heartfelt Desire is more than worth the cost of the full 3-day seminar!
  • Noon – “KNOWING You’ve Manifested Your Heartfelt Desire” – You’ll be on top of the world, with uber-confidence, and laser-focus!
  • 1:30 p.m. – Masterminding Lunch – The connections you make with like-minded Successful People can be worth a fortune, and may last a lifetime.
  • 3 p.m. – “Programming Yourself for TOTAL Success!” – Living your goals, desires and dreams becomes inevitable when you take this part of the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar to heart
  • 4:30 p.m. – “The Specialized Skill You Absolutely Must Have to Reach the Top” – This skill will keep you focused and SKYROCKET your results!

Tuesday, 12/11/12:

  • 9 a.m. – “Using ‘The Laboratory of Your Mind’ to LIVE Anything You Want” – The process I’m going to give you is more powerful than just about anything you’ve ever experienced….. You will *ABSOLUTELY LOVE* using it to manifest (with total certainty IT’S YOURS!) – anything important to you!
  • 10:30 a.m. – “The No-Fail System to Stay On Track And Quickly Fulfill Your Dreams” – This session is “MUST-DO“… having this system in place can be worth an absolute fortune to you!
  • Noon – “The Pivot Between ‘Thinking Rich’ And *GROWING RICH!*” – This session promises to be a pivotal moment for you, one you will look back on and say, “That was The Turning Point when everything changed for me!”
  • 1:30 p.m. – Masterminding Lunch, Part II – Now the connections are deeper and more meaningful. You will likely have several worth tens of thousands of dollars by the end of this special session… maybe one or two worth $100,000 or more.
  • 3 p.m. – “The Secret Key to Breaking Through Anything That Previously Stood in Your Way” – The subtle – yet crucial – mindset shift you will have once we’ve finished this session makes you unstoppable (you will plow right through any and all perceived obstacles – from now on!)
  • 4:30 p.m. – “Accessing The Hidden Forces That Make Everything Happen Quickly for You” – Just as all computers are connected, through the Internet, all people are, through an infinitely more powerful “Super-Conscious Network”, which we’ll be plugging into. (Incredibly VALUABLE!)

Wednesday, 12/12/12:

  • 9 a.m. – “Launching Your Desire Into Manifestation With More Power Than a 10-Megaton Nuclear Warhead” – Stand back when we light the fuse, during this session, because you’ll be able to feel it, tangibly, and it’s got quite the kick!!!
  • 10:30 a.m. – “Forcing Your ‘Inner Power’ to Work Relentlessly, 24-7, Until You’re Living Your Goals, Desires & Dreams” – This faithful servant does not sleep, does not rest, and it’s 9 Times More Powerful than the power you know about and use consciously.
  • Noon – “Giving Your Burning Desire Wings So It Takes Flight” – After this session, your “Goals, Desires & Dreams” will be out there, the right way, and it’s just a matter of anticipating the right people, inspirations and “coincidences” “showing up” to make it yours…. FAST!
  • 1:30 p.m. – “Power-Revelation Mastermind Lunch” – This session will easily be one of your most valuable because it’s where we solidify the most profound ways you’ve benefited from everything we’ve mastered… So Far. You’ll also find someone to hold you accountable for applying your greatest “ah-ha’s” and making sure you’re using them as much as you can.
  • 3 p.m. – “Aligning Your Burning Desire with The Grandest Vision that ‘Infinite Intelligence’ Expects of You” – Here you’ll access the source of Unlimited Power, which wants “The Best” for you, and Will Move Mountains to Make Sure You’re Living “The Best”, when you allow It to. This session will Skyrocket your self-confidence and inner-knowing that you’re meant to have *EVERYTHING* you sincerely Desire!
  • 4:30 p.m. – “Putting It All Together Into Your ‘Power Plan'” – Our “Wrap-Up” Session makes sure you have everything in place to *TAKE ACTION* on everything we’ve learned -and mastered- during our 3-day seminar. This solidifies it and guarantees it’s *THE BEST* thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

After reading through all the session titles and descriptions, you’re probably thinking….

Wow, that all sounds great, Dan
I can see I need to be at your event!”

And yet you’re probably also thinking….

“But I bet it costs a fortune….
I’m not sure I can afford it!”

In fact, you would be wise to think that such a high-caliber life-changing seminar as this is going to require a significant investment on your part.

And, truth be told, just the recordings from the event are going to cost people who didn’t *make the commitment* to be part of the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar – LIVE…. $4,995 during “Pre-Release” and then $7,995 as an Introductory Special, and $9.995 as the regular price.

Because of how much they’re going to transform the lives of everyone taking these insights to heart.

(That amount will be well worth every cent they paid, considering how much of a difference it’s going to have on every single one of the good people who buy – the recordings, from the live event, I promise you.)

 Not to mention the fact that we’re limiting enrollment to only 20 to at most 24 people…. because I need to make sure you and everyone there is getting all your questions answered and that I have time to coach you personally, during the live training.


So you would normally expect to pay $7,995 to join us live for such an intimate, focused Success Gathering, especially one of this magnitude.

However, you can be part of the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar for only….

How Much Will This Knowledge Be Worth To You? (How Ready Are You for This Transformation?)

Asking that question serves you much better than “how much does it cost to be one of the 20-24 allowed to attend?”

An even more powerful question is this:

“How can I *make sure* I’m one of those 20 to at most 24 people?”

Because asking yourself that question focuses your mind, at the Subconscious level, and summons your natural creativity and resourcefulness.

You WILL find “The Way” to make sure you’re one of those 20 to 24 people allowed to be at the “Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar”!

(And you will also allow it to be THE best thing you’ve ever done for yourself, which I promise it will be, the way we’re consciously creating this experience!)

 That way you’re focusing your mind – and therefore empowering – the best results possible for yourself by joining me for this life-changing seminar.

Let’s look at it this way…

You’ve read Think and Grow Rich before, right? (No worries if you haven’t, because you’ll master and begin living it through our 3 days together.)

If you’re like virtually everyone who’s read it, you probably didn’t get much results from going through it.

….Although at the same time, you know it’s credited with creating 1 million millionaires – and you have the inner-knowing it could help you become a millionaire, too…. all by shifting what you’re giving your attention to, and empowering with strong feelings.

That, my friend, is why you want to make sure YOU’RE IN and are with us in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, on 12/12/12 for the big Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar.

And that is also how it’s going to be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself, period!

So how much will it cost to join us for this “Must-Do” event!?

Please answer that question yourself, this way, because then I’ll know you’re truly ready for it to be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and you’re allowing it to be worth an absolute fortune to you….

The Empowered Approach to Go Into This With:

“Whatever it costs is insignificant compared to what I’m going to get out of it. I have the inner-knowing this is something I’ve got to do for myself.

“And I’ve already created the fact that it’s going to be phenomenal for me….

“And pay me back several times what I invested – in all areas, way beyond just financially – every year for the rest of my life!!!”

Your expectations determine your results

That’s one of the key concepts you’re about to master – even *BEFORE* we first meet in Scottsdale this December.

By expecting great things out of joining me and the 19-23 others at this event, and allowing it to serve you fully, you’re “Creating, Attracting, Manifesting and Allowing” exactly that!

(In fact, just our first session at 9 a.m. Monday 12/10 will be worth several multiples of your total investment.

(Because that’s where we’re going to make sure you’re ready – and allowing – the full seminar to be “THE BEST THING” you’ve ever done for yourself.

(We’re actually going to commit to using “The First Covenant”, which you’ll master during that first session, to create that exact result.)

So let me ask you quite simply, this pivotal question:

“Are you willing to allow this to be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself?”

If you are, then please join us. And we’ll make sure it is (you and I both, as well as the 19-23 others joining us in Scottsdale 12/12/12).

If not, then please stay away!

You will likely continue doing what you’ve been doing – although please be honest with yourself and acknowledge that the results you’ve been getting will not improve, either.

…Unless and until you ARE ready to change the way you’re creating your life, using the power we all have

…To live the fulfillment of our “Goals, Desires and Dreams”!

So by reading on, you know there is a source of untapped power within you (and you can’t wait to master the way you’re using it to “Create, Attract, Manifest and Allow” your “Goals, Desires and Dreams”…. starting right away from our first session in the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar, where we tap into it my mastering “The First Covenant”!)

You realize that everything that happens comes down to the simple fact that “What you give your attention to and empower with strong feelings, you create more of”.

And you’re ready to master all 13 things Napoleon Hill discovered from 25 years of studying the 500 richest people in the world that they did differently than the mostly unsuccessful and struggling masses…. within the context of “The First Covenant” (which by the way you may also know of as “The Secret” mentioned in Think and Grow Rich 100 times, without ever revealing what “The Secret” is).

So let’s look at what your investment is, and fully appreciate how much that’s truly worth to you, even starting shortly after you claim one of the – at most – 20 to 24 seats available for the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar.

Each seat costs only $1,997!


You’re Getting $6,997 in Bonuses by Enrolling Today
(If you still can before it’s sold out!)

Within a week from when all 20 to at most 24 seats are sold out (that could happen today… if you’re really serious about and committed to experiencing this, then don’t delay, join NOW!)

  • We’re going to begin doing “The First Covenant 30-Day Immersion”, my pre-eminent high-level training which in fact costs everyone else – $1,997 by itself. Learn more about that here, if you like, although don’t join it there, because you would be paying $1,997 for *JUST* that training, and you would miss out on getting it free, as a bonus, for grabbing one of the last remaining seats at the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar – today!
  • Then a week or two after we’ve all experienced profoundly amazing results from “The First Covenant 30-Day Immersion” we’re actually going to begin doing my 18-hour “Mastering Think And Grow Rich” Video Training. That’s the course I did in the three-week Las Vegas retreat I mentioned earlier. You know, the one that sells for $5,000 right now, because I forgot to raise it to $10,000, which is truly what it’s worth.

You’re going to get that high-end training, also, for free, just to thank you for grabbing one of the last of the 20 to 24 seats at the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar in Scottsdale on 12/12/12…. today.


….One Additional Very Important Bonus!

Also by joining today, you’re going to get one very important additional gift.

As soon as they’re uploaded, you’ll be able to download the videos from the full three-day Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar!!!

(Or, if you didn’t act fast enough and all 20 to at most 24 places were taken by others who were more committed than you to experience the life-transformation this seminar will give them… you still will be able to get these same videos, later, for the full price, which will be on sale for $4,995 for one week, before going up to $7,995 for a few weeks, and then $9,995 at its regular price.)

Here’s a little secret:

Most people doing seminars sell the people there the recordings of the event, before they leave to go home. They know how great it was and want to take it home with them and typically pay several hundred dollars for these recordings.

I wanted to make this such a great deal for you to join us live for the Think And Grow Rich Success Philosophy Seminar that you knew you had to make sure you were there in Beautiful Scottsdale this winter.

That’s why I knew I had to give you the videos, as part of your Early-Bird Bonus Package for everyone joining this week!

In fact, I’m creating the seminar to be so valuable that everyone doing the recordings would feel well-served if they paid $12,000 for them. It’s going to be at least a $10,000 course, even if people can buy it for less, initially, shortly after we finish the training live.

You will, of course, be getting far better results by joining us for the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar live, if you’re able to be one of the 20 to at most 24 people able to join us in Scottsdale before and on 12/12/12.


Joining Us Live Will Be Phenomenal for You!

I’m committed to giving everyone doing the seminar videos so much value they would have been glad to pay $12,000 for those recordings.

When you’re one of those 20-24 people joining us live, you’ll be getting

  • You’ll be getting valuable Prosperity Coaching….
  • You’ll have all your specific questions answered, and most importantly….
  • You’ll be part of “The Experience”, and directly part of “The Power of The Mastermind” (that IS one of the 13 Components of The Success Philosophy” that IS Think and Grow Rich, and you’ll be mastering all 13 during our time together in Beautiful Scottsdale this winter!)


About the other 19 to at most 23 people joining you in Scottsdale…

We’ll also be making powerful masterminds, and even best friends… friendships that will be long-term and even life-long.

Because everyone joining us live will be successful, if not success-minded, these are the exact people you want to have in your personal Mastermind.

These are people who know where they’re going…. and exactly how to get there.

People exactly like you, who are embracing this power we all have within us – and using it each moment to live the fulfillment of our Goals, Desires and Dreams!

They’re the ones you want to have supporting you, focusing their power on YOUR Goals, Desires and Dreams, and helping you live their fulfillment.

(People joining us live just for the Power of The Mastermind will be well-served, even if that’s all they got out of joining us in Scottsdale.)

 In fact, I expect a few of the 20 to at most 24 people allowed to participate – joining us live just for the Mastermind Connections we’ll all be making.


What about an added incentive to
thank you for reserving your seat right now?

Because this is going to be the experience of a lifetime….

And because it’s going to be a video training people would have been grateful to be able to do even if they paid $12,000 for just the recordings….

And because I want to find these 20 to at most 24 people – today – so I can devote my full attention to making this the best experience all 20 to 24 people have ever done for themselves…..

To make sure all 20 to 24 seats are snapped up, immediately….

I’ve set up this order button that allows people to join – TODAY – for $1,000 off, just $997, right here:

Claim Your Seat Now for only $1,997$997

Save $1,000 by reserving your spot today. On Thursday, Aug. 9, the cost will increase to $1,297, and will go up from there (until all 20, or at most 24 seats are taken). It will never be lower than it is right now.

This is your time to join…

Instant Purchase – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Cards, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


See you in Beautiful, Affluent, Sunny and Warm Scottsdale…. this 12/12/12 (this winter!)

“Warmly” 🙂

Dan Klatt,
“Think And Grow Rich Guy”
Founder of the CarnegieCentre

….Serving as Your WealthSensei!

P.S.  I have to give you one more bonus, which will “Seal the Deal” that this is the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself.

To make sure you grab one of the last 20 to at-most 24 spots before we’re completely sold out, you will also be getting Lifetime Access to my Private Coaching Membership.

Although if you wanted to get private on-one-one coaching from me, you would have to pay my regular fees of $3,500 an hour, you’re actually able to get Unlimited Prosperity Coaching from me personally, as often as you’d like, for just $39 a month.

That’s a great deal by itself, just $468 a year!

However over the course of even just 4 years, this bonus alone will save you $1,872…. almost as much as people enrolling in the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar live will be investing for their tickets (if any tickets are left after this week).

Think about your Unlimited Coaching Membership this way:

For years after you’ve mastered Think and Grow Rich and The Success Philosophy it’s based on, you’ll still be getting as much prosperity coaching as you’d like, from me personally….

To make sure you’re living the fulfillment of your Burning Desire, too!

How much will that be worth to you…. in all areas of your life!? (Priceless!)

That’s *HUGE* that long after the seminar ends, we’re still going to be “learning and growing and becoming more” – together… and continuing our Mastermind Connection as a group, through your Unlimited Coaching Membership!!!


PPS. Let’s do a quick review of all your bonuses, to make sure you’re claiming one of the last of the 20 to at-most 24 spots at the Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar right now.

These are your Fast-Action Bonuses, worth $18,864:

  • “The First Covenant 30-Day Immersion” – We’re beginning this intense focus on “The Power” you have to create whatever you Desire, about a week after all 20-24 seats are taken (should be this week). Sells for $1,997
  • “Mastering Think And Grow Rich” Video Training – These 18+ hours of videos give you everything you need to know to truly Think AND GROW Rich. This training is going to cost $10,000; it would right now, although I forgot to raise it from $5,000 (it’s truly worth enough to justify the $10,000 price tag).
  • Downloads of the entire Think And Grow Rich – Success Philosophy Seminar – We’re creating these recordings to sell as a home-study training, costing $9,995, and quite possibly $12,000.
  • Lifetime Access to the Unlimited Coaching Membership – Here’s where we’re going to continue to hold each other accountable to living the fulfillment of our Goals, Desires and Dreams, and keep up the Mastermind Connection and deep friendships we’ve made during our time together in Scottsdale (regularly costs $468/year, or $1,872 over the first 4 years)

Claim Your Seat Now for only $1,997$997

Save $1,000 by reserving your spot today. On Thursday, Aug. 9, the cost will increase to $1,297, and will go up from there (until all 20, or at most 24 seats are taken). It will never be lower than it is right now.

This is your time to join…

Instant Purchase – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Cards, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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Dan Klatt
Author: Dan Klatt

You're meant to Be of Service to others. And people need you! They're hurting now. They're struggling. You have so many gifts to offer them. It's also your source of happiness, joy, fulfillment, well-being, peace of mind, success and prosperity - I'm here to help you know how VITAL you are, believe in yourself and your Duty, your Destiny, your Dharma... and to inspire you to have the impact you're meant to have, as you're GLORIOUSLY honoring your Reason for Being... CELEBRATING each moment... and EXUBERANTLY Giving More Love!!! Join me at http://ReignitedAmerica.com/bonus if you haven't yet - and let others know how important all this is for them, as well, please!

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