Dear America Letter #2: Take Back Your Party from the Extremists Controlling It

The extreme Leftists running the Democratic Party do NOT represent moderates – nor Americans. We HAD allowed them to run the country into the ground. We must no longer stand for that… and must hold them accountable for all the damage they’re continuing to do. If you agree, make sure others are seeing this – and stopping this mayhem and destruction – at the hands of the few, causing great suffering of the many… the whole world! Share this link and talk about these issues on Facebook, etc, linking back to this page. Then write your own Dear America Letter and become an Advocate for Justice, defender of The American Way!

Watch the video. These words here I wrote to summarize my Dear America Letter…

The Democrats must take back their party, and say “HELL NO” to the extremists running it, who have also been running our country into the ground and destroying our way of life, outside the scope of the law, totally corrupt… because they’ve been willing to do whatever it takes to destroy Trump, at any cost, and the cost of their “burning him at the stakes” has been devastating the planet.

That’s not acceptable. They need to be held accountable.

And President Trump should try them for Crimes Against Humanity. Well, the Justice System should try them. He should not have pardoned Hillary. She should still be in jail, for what she did as Secretary of State.

What do you think?

Talk about the points I’m making in the video in the Saving Humanity Community. And have these conversations with your friends on Facebook and your other social media!

Also write your own “Dear America Letter” and share your voice – it needs to be heard!

What other actions can you take?

You’re doing something MAJOR by saying all over social media “We have to stop tolerating this injustice!”. Clearly expressing how wrong these actions are, and that we’re NOT going to remain silent, and they CANNOT continue to cause this devastation on us – BECAUSE WE MATTER. OUR LIVES MATTER!!!

And point out how all these people rioting are directing their anger at the target the media and corrupt politicians fed them, when THEY are the real criminals here!

Contact your congressman – tell him or her this is unacceptable, and they must be held accountable for their blatantly unconstitutional actions!

Contact your governor – tell that person whom you at least hired as your state’s leader, there’s no place in civil society for this hatred, violence or destruction, and he or she must not tolerate it!

(If it’s not clearly obvious to you, only in states run by Democrats has the violence and rioting been ALLOWED to continue. Why is that acceptable? Do they really want to take over our sovereignty and freedom? Any intelligent person would say the evidence of their actions – meaning the leaders of the Democratic Party – makes that quite obvious and apparent. If that’s not YOUR wish, then it’s up to you to STOP THE AGENDA!!!)


Yes, they took away much of it, through their wanton destruction of the global economy… the unintelligent (and inconsistently applied) facemask mandates and shutdowns and all the nonsense…

Yet YOU are the one in control. STOP giving your power away.

Take it back. And Stand Within Your Power!!!

Join me in doing the “Saving Humanity Intensive” and ALSO lead your community through this much-needed work that’s now required of EVERY ONE OF US!!!

Make sure everyone you can reach is watching and reading this “Dear America Letter” – and taking action to SAVE AMERICA, just as passionately as you’re Saving America, yourself!!!

Also read our other Dear America Letters, such as Dear America Letter #1 on Media Bias.

Thank you – YOU have the power to end this destruction, just by making sure everyone gets involved in no longer tolerating it.

Because we’re ALL interconnected by social media, by you getting all your friends to take action and get all their friends taking action, as well, WE’RE ALL STOPPING THIS!!!

That’s all of us being the change we need to see in the world, now!

Thank you for taking this that seriously!


Dan Klatt created the Saving Humanity Intensive after recognizing how people HAD become weak, disinterested, uninvolved… we HAD been neglecting ourselves, our families, each other and the planet for far too long.

We’re changing that, together, now.

Your community needs you. Your family needs you. All your online friends need you. This is how you’re able to make a far greater contribution to Humanity and the planet than you’ve ever even dreamed was possible…

How important is it for you to do what’s right, what’s needed, and what would be the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done!?

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