To Have What You Want, Create, Attract, Manifest and ALLOW It!

This might seem like a subtle distinction, yet it’s an important one for you to make consciously: Of course to get what you want, you have to know what you want.

Let’s start there – What is it you want? What are you creating for yourself?

You’re also open to whatever that is coming to you, right? I talk about it as CAMA, Creating, Attracting, Allowing and Manifesting.

All four come into play at the same time.

You’re creating what you want… You’re giving it your attention. You’re feeling great about having it. You’re making it your priority. You’re focusing on it…

That’s also attracting it to you. You’re Prime Cause. That thing is the effect you’ve created. So receive it. Look for it. Find it. As well as the next steps for you to meet it halfway.

How are you doing all these things with that thing you’re manifesting?

How can you do more of that, and keep it more present for you each moment?

You’re also ALLOWING IT to be yours. You’re acknowledging the fact that you deserve it. And that the seed desire for you to have that – was “planted” within you by the Divine. You have that desire precisely because it’s meant to be yours.

It’s important for you to have that, as part of Serving people the way you’re meant to Be of Service. Or as part of living the life you’re meant to have. Or it’s meant to teach you something. Or the process of Creating, Attracting, Manifesting and Allowing it is how you’re BECOMING the person who does all the right things to have EVERYTHING you desire…

What are the deeper aspects at play here, with you welcoming this joyful manifestation into your life?

How much better are you becoming as a person, by creating this thing?

If it would help you have that thing you want by using the “8 Steps to Infinite Wealth” to Create… Attract… Manifest… and Allow it, as I believe it would, please apply what you want to the 8 Steps. You may do that through

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate your time. I would appreciate knowing how it helped you. I THRIVE on knowing the impact my work has on people!

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Dan Klatt
Author: Dan Klatt

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