Accept the Better Version of You Awaiting You!

Let’s Share a Growth Moment…

Joseph Campbell invites us to “let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one waiting for us”.

What is the difference there?

What is the life you have planned? Be very clear how you’ve been creating your life, seeing the results, and consequences, of the actions you’ve taken, and the thoughts you’ve been giving your attention, which is to say your power…

How are your thoughts and actions actively creating the life you desire?

Where *WERE* your thoughts and actions stifling, limiting or blocking that life you are focused and determined to have?

What is the life waiting for you?

This one I ask you to ‘hold’ as meaning that the divine, which always wants to give you more than what you’ve previously been willing to receive yourself, has prepared your Most Perfect Bliss, that life of abundant blessings, love, joy, peace…

That’s the life waiting for you – Start feeling into… clearly defining… and OWNING that life…

Because that’s how you’re aligning the life you have planned… with the life waiting for you… and therefore that’s the life you’re creating… and already beginning to live… and LOVE!!!

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Let’s Share a Growth Moment: See this post about the life waiting for you – – It really inspired me!

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Dan Klatt, and Global Prosperity Network Founder,
“Reignited America” author

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